Return of the killer shark: release date for ‘Megalodon 2: The Pit’ on HBO Max

The public’s love for the ocean’s most dangerous and mysterious animals remains more present than ever. Just a few weeks after the film Black Shark swept streaming in the US (and not so much among critics), the second part of Megalodon has finally shared its premiere date on HBO Max.

Jonathan Statham returns as the famous Jonas Taylor in Megalodon 2: The Pit, who, along with Jiuming Zhang (Wu Jing), leads a research team that dives into the depths of the ocean. A mission that is endangered when a malevolent mining operation threatens their work and forces them to fight a risky battle for Survival by fighting against the most terrifying Megalodons.

After becoming a true international hit with more than 390 million dollars collected in movie theaters around the world and up to 11 million euros achieved in Spain alone, Megalodon 2: The Pit arrives next September 29 on HBO Max in Spain.

‘Megalodon 2’ sweeps Spain

Under the direction of Ben Wheatley (High-Rise, In the Earth)who picks up the baton from filmmaker Jon Turteltaub (The search) as director of this horror franchise, this sequel once again has the screenwriters Dean Georgaris, Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber, who have previously adapted the novels written by Steve Alten.

This sequel also features characters like Mac, played by Cliff Curtis (Avatar: The Sense of Water), as well as with Meiying (Sophia Cai, Mr. Corman) and DJ (Page Kennedy, SWAT: Harrelson’s Men). The Spanish join the cast of the franchise Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Rambo: The last mission), the American Skyler Samuels (Scream Queens) and the British Sienna Guillory (franchise resident Evil).

Megalodon 2 conquered the Spanish public with the release of the film on August 4. Thus, the film It is currently among the highest-grossing films in Spain.in a year in which Barbie and Oppenheimer They have become the brands to beat.

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