Resident Evil Village review: More guns but lesser scares

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Four years have passed since “Resident Evil 7” rescued the series from its lowest point of action and returned to the roots of survival horror: terrible jumps and elaborate puzzles involving unattractive oil paintings. Now, Resident Evil Village hopes to recapture some of the battles introduced in “Resident Evil 4” without losing tension and fear. The result is a delightful and stupid survival horror adventure that keeps mentioning previous games and will bring a lot of joy to fans.

Resident Evil Village Game length

It started with a creepy domestic note, the protagonist of “Resident Evil 7” Ethan Winters with his wife Miatried to relocate from… the remoteness of eastern Louisiana Rural areas, recovering from their terrifying experience in remote rural Louisiana. In a creepy opening, Mia was shot, the baby was kidnapped, and Ethan must set out to find the new hell where he landed this time. You will begin to explore the title village, which is a small place full of sickness and sickness. All the laughing old women and crazy gang members carry shotguns, just like Eli Roth’s “Bo The nightmare remake of “Later” is the same. Under the orders of the cruel demigods, most of the residents were killed by four terrifying local lords. In order to save his daughter, Ethan must track these strange aristocratic social diseases to their lair and kill them.

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The next 15 hours, follow the Book of Play Book of residence in the Charter. The vast gothic castles, the mansions of the top of the creepy mountain and the complexes of turbid underground minings extended before you, crowded with strange artifacts, made interdependent puzzles and frightened monsters. Although the progress of the key search is made that open the closed doors that happened an hour ago, and read the strange notes that indicate that they illuminate fires or bell ring to open the next previously inaccessible corridor. As always, there are conspiracies involving Bioweapons and ancestral madness, and the Gurup series, the regular series Chris Redfield returns with a lovely coat.

It was a painful familiarity, but because of the beautiful clothes and tense tension, he was still absorbed in it. Whether you walk into a stately wooden house filled with antiques and bowls of rotten fruit, or walk into a decaying shed with stone steps leading to a deadly dark basement, every place is full of detail. This is a game that likes to herald the coming horror; in the village, you can see the towers of Dimitrescu castle piercing the gray sky, and on the windows of newly explored houses, you can catch a glimpse of the fabulous patrolling outside The shadow of the beast.



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The narrative echoes the family of psychopaths similar to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in “Resident Evil 7“. However, this time, Capcom’s inspiration is not from the American rural horror, but from the traditional stories of werewolves and vampires. The marketing star of the game, Lady Dimitrescu, is the villain, a blood-sucking femme fatale, bringing the charm of the 1930s and a giant sword. His three daughters, Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela, are the dead sisters of Mitford, and chase them in flying evening dresses on the building , Laughed and stabbed. Also unforgettable is Donna Beneviento, her house has a large collection of terrifying Victorian dolls, which fills every room of her, watching you pass.

Riddles and exploration are interspersed with gun battles with creatures, from werewolves and hammer-wielding giants to vomiting new. Supplies and upgrades can be purchased from Duke, a burly merchant who appears on the map and makes outrageous noises when you read through his ammunition collection. In “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, he nodded unexpectedly. If you bring him fish, poultry and meat, he will prepare meals for you, thereby permanently improving your health and speed.

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As with all the best Resident Evil games, the brilliance here is how it switches modes when you least expect it. You may be lost in thought, wandering in a familiar corridor looking for a solution to a puzzle, when suddenly a werewolf jumps towards you from a safe place, or a creepy doll falls off the shelf, you Jumped five feet from the sofa. At the same time, it is full of ridiculous sounds-strange sound performances, unfathomable plots, tacky environmental narratives, but when a huge drooling creature chases you upstairs with a smirk like a baby, all this It doesn’t matter.



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Resident Evil 7” reminds us why we like this series in the first place. Now, “Resident Evil Village” has taken experimental steps to adapt to the changes in the pace and direction of the introduction of “Resident Evil 4“. Horror, sinister and turbulent physical horror make “Resident Evil 1” and “Resident Evil 2” so wonderful. This is a game, it doesn’t do anything really new, keep looking back, it doesn’t make any sense, but everything is done very well. This is a sublime puzzle box, dripping with blood, stinging, and really bad conversation. I will not do this in other ways.

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