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Repairability: Apple is about to take another step

But it must be admitted that in recent years, the firm has made great efforts to make it easier for its users to repair a damaged product. And apparently Apple is planning to announce a new measure that should make these repairs even easier.

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According to the MacRumours site, the announcement that the Cupertino company could make soon concerns FaceID, the facial recognition module that has been present on its iPhones since 2017 with the iPhone X model.

Currently, according to the explanations of this media, when the facial recognition module of an iPhone is damaged, the only solution would be to replace the device. But according to documents MacRumours says it had access to, Apple would soon allow Apple Stores and authorized repairers to perform Face ID module repairs on iPhone XS and newer models.

In essence, “authorized technicians” would soon have access to replacement components to replace the front-facing camera as well as the components needed to make FaceID work. A tool would also be available to know if this replacement should be done.

The company’s goal would be to limit the number of complete replacements, since it will still be possible to replace defective components if there is a problem with FaceID. This should allow Apple to limit its carbon footprint. And for customers, repairs could cost less.

Apple has already made it much easier to repair its products

Unfortunately, we do not yet know if this repair will also be accessible for independent repairers, or for those who wish to repair their iPhones themselves.

It should be remembered that among the improvements made by Apple with regard to the repairability of iPhones, there is support for repairers who are not approved. Today, these independents have access to documentation, training, as well as original spare parts, in order to carry out repairs correctly.

And in November 2021, the firm also announced a program called “Self Service Repair”. As the name suggests, this program allows customers to repair their devices themselves. This concerns battery, screen and camera replacements, which individuals will therefore be able to carry out using original spare parts.

But Apple warned that this program is not for everyone. “Self-service repair is intended for individual technicians with the knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices. For the vast majority of customers, consulting a professional repairer with certified technicians who use genuine Apple parts is the safest and most reliable way to obtain a repair”explains the firm.

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