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Reminder Pro: the app makes the simple Android feature much better

Reminder Pro app

Android offers a solid stock of basic functions that help you in everyday life. However, Google is not really innovative in this regard. The solution are third-party apps such as “Reminder Pro – Reminders”, which are currently available for free in the Google Play Store. You have significantly more settings for reminders and alarm clocks on your mobile phone.

  • “Reminder Pro – Reminders” is currently available for free in the Google Play Store
  • The application offers you countless configuration options for reminders
  • 4.3 stars from 1,352 users | no trackers according to platform Exodus


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In the clock app on Android, you can set alarms with different ring tones and on different days. In addition, Gmail offers you a reminder function in which the e-mail app sends you a notification before the existing appointment. Although the basic functions of Android are quite good, you should definitely try “Reminder Pro – Reminders”.

  • Reminder Pro – Download reminders from the Google Play Store

Because the application extends Google’s basic function, for example, with a prioritization system. With the help of stars, you can determine how important a reminder is and accordingly choose different types of notifications. Let’s take a look at why the app was rated 4.3 stars by over 1,300 users.

Is it worth downloading Reminder Pro?

You don’t need an account to use Reminder Pro – you can basically get started right away. In a two-part overview, you can see the active reminders and the completed reminders. You can add a new task using the plus symbol at the bottom right. There you can see the advantages of the app compared to Google’s integrated function.

In addition to the title and a description, the date and time can of course be set. If you tap on “Repetition” you can set additional reminders very precisely, and even have them remind you every few hours, days, months or years. In addition to a reminder, you will then see a star to determine the importance of the notification.

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Reminder Pro app
Pretty and light: the interface of Reminder Pro / © NextPit


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Notifications can also be precisely defined in Reminder Pro. In addition to tones, there are pop-ups that appear on the mobile phone screen or you can define the duration of snooze depending on the category of importance. Other advantages include “quiet hours” without notifications, quick reminders when you press the app symbol for a longer time, and a backup feature that works via the cloud.

Is Reminder Pro safe to download?

Of course, notification apps need a lot of permissions on your smartphone. For example, they have to work outside of your energy-saving mode for reliable use. Of course, the app also needs access to your notifications. In addition, there is access to your microphone for voice input and a lot more. You will of course be asked for permission for every authorization under Android 11 and Android 12.

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The analysis website Exodus confirms a total of 8 permissions for Reminder Pro. The tracker could not find the website. Good for an app that you use several times a day: There are no advertising or in-app purchases!

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