Redmi 6A explosion may have killed woman in India


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Redmi 6A explosion may have killed woman in India

A woman may have died as a result of the explosion of a Redmi 6A in New Delhi, the capital of India. The case happened last week, and was reported by user @Mdtalk16 on Twitter.

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Redmi 6A was completely destroyed in the explosion (Image: Twitter/@Mdtalk16)

He said his aunt was found dead in her bed after sleeping next to the device. She would have left her cell phone close to her face, and the explosion happened sometime during her sleep.

The profile also said that the device was used only for calls and for viewing videos on YouTube, among other basic tasks. He also called for a brand positioning, stating that “it is the responsibility of the brand to support”.

Xiaomi has already made an official statement in the post itself, through its profile aimed at Indian users. The brand stated that an investigation will be launched to determine the causes of the explosion:

“At Xiaomi India, consumer safety is of the utmost importance, and we take this matter extremely seriously. At this time, our team is trying to contact the affected family to determine the cause of the accident.”

However, the company did not say whether the details of this analysis will be available to the public at some point, nor has it given timelines regarding possible responses to the case.

Customer charged support from Xiaomi (Image: Image: Twitter/@Mdtalk16)

The Redmi 6A was made official in 2018, and is no longer officially sold by Xiaomi. However, the device can still be found in marketplaces and various stores of the type — so far, there is no restriction on the smartphone’s marketing.

Cell phone and sleep don’t mix

Experts have previously indicated that sleeping next to a cell phone is not recommended, especially with it under your pillow. In these cases, the risk of overheating is increased — and, consequently, of explosion.

Several other problems are related to the cell phone + sleep set: in addition to being able to damage vision and cause extra fatigue, the habit can also develop nomophobia, the fear of being without a cell phone.

Supposed harmful effects of radiation emitted by cell phones on the human brain have not yet been proven by science, but even so, it is best to leave the smartphone away at rest time!

Source: Twitter/@Mdtalk16via Gizmochina (WARNING: contains strong images)