Red Rose: Netflix’s new horror series premieres with 100% approval

New horror series alert on Netflix! Launched last Wednesday (15), red rose is a British production produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and is catching the attention of the streaming giant’s subscribers by bringing a scary story filled with mysterious elements. No wonder, the production is doing very well on sites that aggregate scores of audiovisual projects, such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, for example.

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The series created by Michael Clarkson and Paul Clarkson, until the production of this article, has a 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, according to critics, who say that the horror hits the nail on the head when portraying the horrors of the digital age in a way intelligent and multifaceted. Experts also highlight the setting of the production and the fact that it manages to scare the public without forcing the issue.

In Red Rose, digital terror is the central theme of the series, which, according to critics, manages to frighten without appealing.Source: Netflix

If you haven’t seen the series yet, red rose has the following plot: a group of young people, in the middle of a long summer, after the end of the school year in high school, realize that their smartphones have a new application called Red Rose. The problem is that the resource is not the safest and begins to threaten teenagers with dangerous actions and consequences if they do not meet its demands.

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In total, the first season of red rose has 8 episodes (all already available on Netflix), and the main cast of the work has names like Amelia Clarkson, Natalie Blair, Ali Khan, Ashna Rabheru, Harry Redding, Natalie Gavin, Adam Nagaitis, Isis Hainsworth, Samuel Anderson, among others .

For now, Netflix has yet to confirm a second season of red rose, however, if the approval of the series remains high and the work beats the metrics stipulated by streaming, we may have news about a new year soon. Until then, if you haven’t checked out the series yet, just press play and draw your own conclusions!

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