Red Magic 8S Pro appears in first official images

After gaining its first official specifications over the past few days, the Red Magic 8S Pro had its look revealed by Nubia on the Chinese social network Weibo. The photos show all the details of the new device, including its color options.

According to the images, the device will follow a typical visual identity of the brand, and its design will be similar to the Red Magic 8 Pro. The highlight is the transparent version, which reveals the cooling fan with RGB lighting.

The device will maintain a construction with straight sides, and triggers to assist in mobile games. A 3.5mm P2 port will also be present, to ensure lag-free audio through wired headphones.

In addition to the transparent model, the Red Magic 8S Pro will also come in silver or black. In both cases, the rear panel has a minimalist look, and is finished in brushed metal.

The set of rear cameras on the device will have a vertical orientation, as it already happens on the Red Magic 8 Pro – interestingly, the transparent model appears with a module joining the cameras, while the silver and black versions have the sensors “loose” on the panel later. At the front, the sensor will be positioned below the display, which in turn will have thin, symmetrical edges.

Red Magic 8S Pro will have top performance

The publications of the last few days have already confirmed some essential specifications of the Red Magic 8S Pro, especially with regard to its performance.

It was said that the device will come with the new Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 2 processor, a platform that has not even been announced by Qualcomm so far. In addition, it will still reach 24 GB of RAM, something unheard of in the smartphone market.

Recently, the device appeared in a performance test on the AnTuTu platform, with much better results compared to the Red Magic 8 Pro.

Other specifications have not yet been confirmed, but rumors suggest that its technical sheet should contain:

The launch of the Red Magic 8S Pro has already been confirmed for July 5th, and only at this moment will all its technical details, in addition to prices, be known. Before that, the brand can still show some extra information on its official pages.

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