Record! Transactions made with pix exceed BRL 53 billion in one day

Since its launch in 2020, Pix has been popular. In this sense, the number of fans only grew, as well as the financial transactions with the resource. In total, in just one day, almost 90 million transfers were made between users, something unprecedented.

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Data recorded by the Central Bank show that, last Friday (5), transactions broke the record and raised more than R$ 53 billion. The brand exceeds the number reached in June 2022, which was over R$45 million. Much of this could be due to the payment made on the fifth business day of the month, which coincided with the date.

more and more fans

Another piece of data that helps show how popular Pix has become are the keys. In all, there are more than 478 million user registrations from the most diverse banks and applications from other financial institutions. A part of this number is made up of the so-called random keys, which add up to 190 million;

  1. CPF: 108 million keys;

  2. Mobile number: 100 million registered keys;

  3. E-mail: 70 million registered keys.

In comparison of the periods, the growth of the tool surpassed 15%. This percentage is very similar to that of liquidated amounts. Each month, the Central Bank publishes such information, which also recorded a 2% increase in the number of people who registered to be able to use pix on its platforms.

The value of transactions, however, does not follow an average over the days. That is, there are dates in which values ​​above R$ 600 are traded and others where the average for the day is around R$ 158.

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