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Recommended on the internet to learn math and improve mental agility

smartickan online reading and math learning method for children, has been a finalist in the category of Math in the renowned EdTech Awards 2022 on USA where also recognizes innovative leaders in education.


smartickWith Google Classroom and Duolingo, has been the most downloaded app in the United States during the pandemic. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Smartick addresses a major socioeconomic issue affecting Western children, especially in the US, which is low math proficiency, far behind Asia.”

What is this platform about?

Smartick is a learning method that uses las math to increase mental agility and strengthen concentration and study habits.


A project born in Spain with many years of experience, designed to teach math to children ages 4-14: Smartick is an online platform that provides simple exercises to learn, in which students must solve and at the same time, the platform learns to adapt to the needs of each student, for each lesson and topic.

integrates the ability to send work reviews to parents, through a computer, telephone or Tablet.


With only 15 minutes a day, Increases mental agility, the power of computing strengthens focus and study habits, helping students reach their full potential.

With a daily session of a quarter of an hour from a computer or tablet, the results obtained are extraordinary: 94% of the students increase their capacity for calculation, logic and problem solving; and 8 out of 10 improve their grade in mathematics.

How does it work

First of all, and as mentioned above, Smartick is an online method, to work from a computer or tablet without having to travel.


Sessions are daily and short, just 15 minutes. There is no rigid schedule. Smartick’s exclusive technology allows to provide a personalized study plan, to adapt in real time rhythms and difficulties in students, which allows you to always work according to their level.

And for guardians (parents and/or teachers), they receive daily detailed information about the student process.

The EdTech Awards recognize Smartick as a good method for education

The EdTech Awards were established in 2010 to recognize and honor the best innovators, business leaders and pioneers in Educative technology. The ultimate goal of these awards is to honor individuals who, through their outstanding contributions to transforming education through technology, enrich the lives of students around the world.

“I’m especially excited about Smartick because it reflects everything we have been researching about mathematics education”, according to the words of Lori Breslow, Doctor and Professor at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

This international recognition is not the only one it has received in recent years.

In addition to his recognition Eisenhower Fellowship awarded by the United States Congress for his work in global education, in 2020 he also received the Blue Ribbon What ‘Best Math Supplement’, that came thanks to a largest association of homeschooling families in the country, The Homeschool Review Crew, among others.

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