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Recommendations to protect cell phones from cyber attacks

Smartphones must have security elements that prevent a third person from extracting sensitive data from them. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Smartphones have become not only instruments to carry out calls, but also for take photossend messages, surf the internet, playshare information, in addition to having the ability to store personal data that must be protected against possible violations during cyber attacks or even theft.


It is due to this type of situation that the manufacturers of these devices not only invest their resources in developing more visually attractive devices, but also must have Security elements that prevent a third person from extracting sensitive data from them, although these must be complemented with preventive attitudes by users.

Personal information protection

In the event of theft, the thief could gain access to the data within the person’s applications if the screen of the device it is not blocked. While it is not possible to use smoothly in this state, what can be done to hinder criminals from accessing the sensitive data is to configure the cell phone with the minimum idle time before the blocking.


Although each smartphone is different and has its own access options for this option, it is usually found within the Settings application, in the Screen section.

Smartphone locking methods can delay thieves' access to the device's data, but not for long. (Google)
Smartphone locking methods can delay thieves’ access to the device’s data, but not for long. (Google)

Furthermore, the more complicated the unlock methodthe victim will have more time to disable the device remotely using the services available for it.

Verify that apps come from trusted sources


As part of the prevention infiltrations and cyber attacks, one of the most basic is to avoid or verify that the applications that have been installed on the device come from official or reliable sources. The safest are app store and the Google Play Storeas they provide a certain guarantee and additional filters to allow the launch of malicious applications in their virtual stores.

These platforms reduce the risk of infiltrating a virus or malware to the system of the devices, however the best way to avoid it is not to download applications in websites unsafe or suspicious-looking, even if they can be considered useful.

It is important to remember that cybercriminals are also capable of developing Applications that harm users by infiltrating their devices.

Check permissions for apps


One way to verify that the applications that are downloaded are really useful and do not work as intermediaries of cybercriminals is to verify the permissions that it needs from the user so that it can work correctly.

While many people ignore the app’s prompt to access certain areas of the devicethese say a lot about your intention to view or inquire into areas with sensitive information such as messages or the contacts.

Protect yourself while shopping online

shopping for Internet They are common because they facilitate the movement of people to the premises or to the stores. However, they can also be windows of opportunity for the infiltration of cybercriminals in the data of the people, because the bank information, such as the account number, Secret passwordcard number, among other important details.

That is why it is recommended to unlink the card from any recurring payment platform when making a purchase or subscription and only trigger that method when needed. In any case, an additional account can also be used in which only money transfers are made depending on the purpose that will be given to it as soon as possible.

In addition, it is preferable to close the session of the websites in which the transaction was made once it has been confirmed. Avoiding saving passwords and not accepting autocomplete options are also useful recommendations.


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