Recommendations to prevent mobile data from running out fast

Recommendations to prevent mobile data from running out fast
Save mobile data.  (photo: Fotocassa)
Save mobile data. (photo: Fotocassa)

One does not always have access to a network Wifi or an unlimited data rate. Therefore, it is very convenient for people to be careful not to use too much data that can significantly reduce the connection speed or even charge extra when exceeding this limit.

Fortunately, there are a few ways around this. Keeping track of how much data is left behind on a regular basis or remembering to turn on Wi-Fi when possible are some of them, but there are more. Next, TechMarkup brings 5 ​​practical tips to save data during use.

Download offline maps in case GPS is going to be used

The continued use of gps it may be a more plausible cause of one’s fare data disappearing, as it requires the user to be constantly connected to the internet to download maps.

Therefore, it is a fact that before starting the route and having Wi-Fi, it is better to download the maps that are going to be used so that they can be used without the Internet. This is a capability found in virtually all GPS applications, including Google Maps Y Waze with its famous offline maps.

Use Google Maps offline.  (photo:
Use Google Maps offline. (photo:

Try to prioritize 4G over 5G

It is known that advances in connectivity 5G are great for high-speed web browsing, though the downside is that data consumption is also higher compared to 4G. And considering that this technology 4G already provides more than enough speed, it would be interesting to prioritize it when we have little data left.

So if you have a cell phone with 5G, it is better to enter the mobile data settings and change the profile so that it only connects to 4G networks.

Even if he device If you have the ‘Auto 5G’ option, it may not work, because in the end it also makes more battery consumption by constantly searching for the best network.

4G and 5G.  (photo: ComputerHoy)
4G and 5G. (photo: ComputerHoy)

Turn off automatic app updates

We will not talk about the importance of updating software Y mobile apps. However, except for very special and peculiar cases, apps don’t need to be updated at that point and can always wait until Wi-Fi is available. Therefore, it is very convenient to change these options in the settings.

– In iPhone we have to go to Settings > app store and, under ‘Mobile data’, deactivate the option of ‘Automatic downloads’.

– In Android you have to open the google playclick on the photo and then go to Settings > Network preferences > Update apps automatically Y to choose the option ‘Wi-Fi only’.

Google Play Store.  (photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa)
Google Play Store. (photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa)

Do not download or send large files

It may or may not seem obvious, but downloading while using data can drain performance quite a bit. And TechMarkup not only refers to the download of images, documents or other types of files from the Internet, but to the download content in the form of series, films either music since streaming platforms.

Another example of high consumption, albeit a few, is WhatsApp. In this application, as in any other messaging appit is very convenient disable automatic file download or limit it to only be done over WiFi. This can be configured from the app’s own settings.

Send large files by WhatsApp.  (photo: The Computer Group)
Send large files by WhatsApp. (photo: The Computer Group)

Remove internet access from some apps

That a Web navigator or one social network access the Internet is something that is intrinsic to them, since they would have no use otherwise. Nevertheless, there are apps and games they don’t need it and yet they remain connected for other secondary purposes.

That’s why you have to open the Setting cell phone, go to the section Mobile data and go through all the apps listed here one by one to remove mobile data access.

Similarly, check the mobile phone specific settings in this section, as some manufacturers also offer smart saving modes and even allow you to turn off power consumption in the background.

Remove internet from some apps.  (photo: Android Boss)
Remove internet from some apps. (photo: Android Chief)