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Recommendations of educational content on YouTube: learn French, history and more

Educational YouTube. (photo: Marketing Communication)

to learn a new language, discover mathematical formulas or master the ikigai method, millions of people go to Youtube in order to deepen their knowledge.

YouTube has a section on the platform dedicated to learning where interested people can find high-quality educational content and advice.

This option is available in or in the new section of the YouTube application, in the tab ‘Discover’then on the button ‘To learn’.

Learning on YouTube is organized by a combination of algorithmically filtered and human-reviewed content. Contains playlists created by third parties such as:

– Strategies for Curious Thinking.

– Math2Me Virtual Reality Equations.

– The American Empire by Bully Magnets.

The American Empire by Bully Magnets.  (photo: YouTube)
The American Empire by Bully Magnets. (photo: YouTube)

In addition, we highlight content related to historical and cultural events. For example, in August Isaac Newton and the theory of gravity were discussed.

Educational videos and playlists on YouTube

– Manage time with Google | Google Keep, Google Calendar & Google Tasks:

If any TechMarkup reader is easily distracted, you should not let procrastination prevent you from achieving your goals. It is better to learn to use the tools of Google to manage time and complete projects.

– Easy tips and tricks to make organized summaries for study:

You have to prepare to dazzle everyone with the notes that can be made. With this video, users can learn how to take notes in a more organized way, as well as retain more information and, if they need to review it, find it faster.

How to make organized summaries to study?  easy tips and tricks  (photo: YouTube)
How to make organized summaries to study? easy tips and tricks (photo: YouTube)

– Playlist: Free French course Level A1:

If you’re thinking of learning a new language and honing your language skills, this playlist of 37 videos on Claudia channel in France It could be the first step to see if the most romantic language on the planet, French, can make that special person fall in love.

With lessons dedicated to learning vocabulary and others to communicate in specific contexts, this playlist will help you take your first steps in French.

– Channel Revolutions in the world:

Currently humanity is in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution and the old saying mentions: “he who does not know his past is destined to repeat it”.

With these five videos, handpicked by the YouTube teampeople can explore other revolutions throughout history, their causes and consequences, and how they shaped the society we live in today.

Revolutions in the world: (photo: YouTube)
Revolutions in the world: (photo: YouTube)

Finally, this month, there will be a special space for reading on YouTube Kids.

“We’re going to highlight content that celebrates language and literature, while sparking curiosity and a love of reading in kids,” said Karina Szmulewicz, director of family and learning at YouTube. An example is the classic Rapunzel animated tale.

Rapunzel - The Tales of Mundo Kuku.  (photo: YouTube)
Rapunzel – The Tales of Mundo Kuku. (photo: YouTube)

What is YouTube Shopping, how to support creators

YouTube also has a shopping feature, called YouTube Shoppingenabled so that all content creators within your member program can offer products to subscribers of your channels or visitors of your videos.

This feature is intended to help content creators of the platform to reach a broader audience in commercial terms or, in any case, to enable people interested in buying the products shown in a video to do so within the YouTube platform.

YouTube Shopping
YouTube Shopping

According to Robert Kynclhead of business of the video platform company, the shopping function does not take a part of the creator earnings as a commission, but they can have net profits after advertising their products or recommending them. This way the credibility they have is beneficial to them.

To improve the experience for both creators and consumers of its videos, YouTube has partnered with Shopify to offer live selling tools.

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