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Recommendations for a brand to enter the metaverse

Although there is still no metaverse, some virtual spaces are immersed in this scenario, with investments of around US$11,920. The Z generations, born between 1997 and 2010, and Alpha, between 2010 and 2025, consume so much digital content that it is increasingly difficult for brands to reach them and hold their attention.


And it is also true that there is currently a lot of talk about the metaverse and the actions that big brands, artists and industries are doing on virtual stages to be visible to new generations, because they know that in the coming years their future buyers will not be in the traditional medianor in the current digital ones.

“The metaverse will be a network of interconnected virtual environments where people, through avatars, will be able to interact with each other and with various digital objects that will probably replace the internet,” he explains. Jorge Mesa, expert in esports Y gaming.


Currently there are virtual spaces that correspond to immersive video games such as Roblox, Second Life Y The Sandbox which for some is the beginning of this and where many people and brands are investing. The cheapest land on these websites costs approximately USD$11,920.

In this context, Jorge Meza and Andrea Liévano, authors of the e-book ‘Public Relations in the Metaverse’ and experts from PRParaTodos, a platform that democratizes public relations in Latin America, provide the following tips for all types of companies to enter this world:


– Be willing to learn all the time, especially from young people who understand this new virtual ecosystem and manage it better than anyone who was born in an analog world.

– If you don’t have the budget to organize your own metaverse, you can hire companies that already have a pre-designed one or create alliances with them to save costs.

– have an open mind, then In this new world the possibilities are endless.


-Think like startupend the bureaucracy of decisions and try everything.

– Experiment no matter how “crazy” it may be, measure which actions work and which don’t, invest in the ones that did and learn from what didn’t work.

– Give yourself permission to make mistakes but let that mistake be quick and not costly. For this it is also essential to base ourselves on what the big brands are already doing and take them as references.

– Implement actions that allow being relevant in both worlds because It should not be forgotten that the human body is still present in reality.

– Understand if the target audience is in the metaverse; if this is not the case, it is not worth investing there.

In addition, the experts explain their predictions about what will happen to the four great canals of communication that exist today:

1.Digital Marketing

The algorithm will allow brands to generate valuable content from gaming. They will be able to do SEO immediately.

The CEM is going to become one of the tools with the greatest reach as it is more assertive than ever, the social media can be converted into real spaces where a conversation is generated on the topic that the brand wants.

2. Traditional Press

The media and journalists are going to have their own avatars and the Internet user will be able to request an analysis of the situation and compare it with other sources.

3. Influencer Marketing

Every ‘influencer‘ you will have your space and even his own world where his followers can live the experience of meeting him in person, talking to him or her, knowing their likes and dislikes.

4. Events

With this new connectivity, an artist or brand can make a worldwide release within the metaverse. with the possibility of moving around the different cities and cocktails are going to become multicultural.

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