Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder’s film on Netflix wins synopsis; Look

Zack Snyder delivered a brief synopsis for Rebel Moon, a film that the director is already producing for Netflix🇧🇷 In an interview with The Preston & Steve Show, it was revealed that the space epic will be inspired by an old idea he had for Star Wars – a project that ended up being discarded.


The science fiction title also will be a filmmaker’s version of The Seven Samurai, a classic film by Akira Kurosawa🇧🇷 In this case, the plot will follow a small space colony that resorts to intergalactic warriors to help protect itself from the threatening power of an interstellar empire.

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“The film will be a space fantasy about a community on an agricultural planet. There, an army of bandits from other worlds, who are at war in that area of ​​the galaxy, will arrive in search of food, which will bring conflicts with the village”, explained Snyder.


“Of course, these invaders are not kind, so the result would likely be the destruction of the village itself. To avoid this scenario, the locals decide to fight and go out across the galaxy with the aim of gathering warriors to help them face the threat.”

Zack Snyder Provides a Synopsis for Rebel Moon, Director’s Next Movie on NetflixSource: Source: Netflix/Playback


Since the end of his work for DC, as Justice League, Zack Snyder has found a new home for his projects on Netflix. The partnership began last year, with the launch of Army of Thieves, and will continue with Rebel Moon — both thought of as franchises.

The new sci-fi film has already started filming, but still has no streaming premiere date. The cast will feature Djimon Hounsou, Ray Fisher, Charlie Hunnam, Jena Malone, Sofia Boutella, Staz Nair, Sky Yang, Charlotte Maggi, Doona Bae, E. Duffy and Anthony Hopkins.

The latter, an Academy Award-winning actor, will voice Jimmy, a sentient battle robot and former defender of a dead king. The expectations for rebel moon are so big that recently Netflix is ​​already working on a sequel to the feature.

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