Reason Revealed: How did Boruto get the scar on his face?

The origin of the scar on Boruto’s face was revealed in chapter 78 of Boruto:Naruto Next Generations (2017). Uzumaki Naruto’s son got the wound in his eye and right cheek when trying to save a special character for the main character from anime.

The flashforward shown in the first chapter of the anime series was enough to raise one of the biggest doubts about the sequel in the franchise. Why does Boruto have a scar on his face in the future?

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Warning: spoilers about Boruto:Naruto Next Generations Next!

The question was finally answered in chapter 78. In an attempt to defend her friend Boruto, Sarada is attacked by Kawaki. When she is overpowered and about to receive a fatal blow, Boruto manages to get his friend out of harm’s way – but he doesn’t come out unscathed.

Soon, the scar on Boruto’s face mark the first of many confrontations with his main enemythe young Kawaki.

The Playback/Screenrant

In addition, everything indicates that the relationship between Boruto and Sarada will grow stronger. Fans speculate whether the bond will drift toward romance or remain friendship. Only watching the next chapters of the anime to have a confirmation of the future of this relationship!

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Understand the sequel of the Naruto franchise

The production Naruto Shippuden brings the adventures of young ninja Naruto Uzumaki to become Hokage, the ninja leader of his village. The success of the anime made by the Japanese studio Pierrot guaranteed several sequels available on streamers like Crunchyroll, Pluto TV and Netflix.

In Boruto:Naruto Next Generations, the audience meets the seventh child of Naruto and Hinata, named Boruto. The boy seeks training at the Ninja Academy to become stronger than his father, with whom he has a complicated relationship.

The Pierrot Studio

This is the beginning of the story that will introduce a new generation created by Masashi Kishimoto. Together with friends Sarada Uchiha – daughter of Sasuke, former rival of Naruto – and Mitsuki – artificial son of another enemy from Boruto’s father’s past, the villain Orochimaru –, the group of young ninjas face many dangers that threaten the safety of Konoha.

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