Realme will stop operating in Germany due to a patent dispute between OPPO and Nokia

Realme will leave Germany for the patent lawsuit involving Nokia and OPPO. The manufacturer, which is part of the BBK Electronics group along with OPPO, Vivo Mobile and OnePlus, will focus its efforts on other European countries. The information was provided exclusively by the next pit in a note sent directly to the site.

With this decision, the entire BBK Electronics conglomerate is now restricted from operating in Germany. In April, OPPO announced the suspension of activities in the country alongside OnePlus, and a few days ago we reported that Vivo also stopped selling its devices in Germany.

In March it was revealed that OPPO and OnePlus could also close operations in other European countries to reduce costs, which has not materialized so far.

The dispute between Nokia and OPPO that affected the entire BBK Electronics group in Germany happened over patent licensing.

According to Nokia, OPPO would benefit from years of research and billions of euros in innovation, but the Chinese company decided not to renew the contract for the right to use patents related to the use of technologies for networks and 4G.

As no agreement has been signed so far and the reasons remain unknown — perhaps due to the high cost of the contract and the BBK group’s objective of reducing costs —, we only know that all the brands that make up the conglomerate may end up leaving other European countries in the future, or at least suspend sales until a conclusion is reached on the matter.

Source: Nextpit

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