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Realme has been refreshed

Realme has been refreshed

Yesterday, the question arose, like an ice cube in a glass of cola, whether there will really be a Coca Cola branded smartphone or if someone was very bored, created a Colaphone Twitter account and followed all the relevant manufacturers in the industry. Well, we didn’t have to be sleepless for long, Realme has already presented the first official previews, so we probably identified the type of device on the account’s cover image well.

Based on the camera system and the previews, the Colaphone will definitely be a Realme 10, 10s or 10 Pro. In the case of the Realme 10, this means a 4G Helio G99 set, a 90 Hz AMOLED panel, a 50 megapixel main camera and 33 watt fast charging in mockery of Coca Cola, the 10s with a larger display (6.6″, LCD) and 5G-capable Dimensity 810 would bring the feeling of life, and the Pro has a 120 Hz, 6.7″ LCD panel, Snapdragon 695 5G chipset, 108 megapixel main camera and Android 13 for sureítana for the refreshing design. The Colaphone will probably be introduced in India, but we don’t know exactly when yet, but it will be a must-have accessory for the Pepsi phone.

Ed.: The Realme 10 Pro also seemed to be a contender in terms of the number of sensors and the design of the camera, but the LED auxiliary light is elongated and positioned a little differently, so I would rather disqualify it from the competition, even though the vice president of Realme is posing on Twitter with a model that looks like a Pro . The back panel design that refracts the light like a prism is the 10 Pro’s own, but the position of the LED flash still makes it likely one of the basic models.

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