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Realme GT 3: 28, 240

Realme GT 3: 28, 240

This year, Realme, part of BBK Electronics, raised fast charging to a new level. However, 240-watt peak charging is currently only available in the GT Neo 5 240W device available in China (pictured above), but this will soon change and lightning charging will also appear in the global product range. The Realme GT 3 series will be unveiled at MWC in Barcelona on February 28, and the invitation reveals that at least one of the devices will support the technology.

Invitation confirming the presentation of the Realme GT 3 240W. (source: GSMArena) [+]

However, it was not revealed whether the GT 3 will be a renamed version of the GT Neo 5 or a new device. Realme has never been afraid to juggle the names of devices intended for the Chinese and global markets, but at the same time members of the GT series have not been mixed with GT Neo series devices. The 240-watt gallium-nitride adapter will be accompanied by a unique 12 amp charging cable and probably a 4600 mAh battery in the GT 3. Thirteen sensors will monitor the heating of the mobile phone, and with lightning charging, the battery pack will withstand more than 1,600 full cycles without degradation, according to the manufacturer’s promise. In terms of hardware, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is expected in the GT 3 and 8 Gen 2 in the GT 3 Pro model.

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