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Realistic Iron Man cosplay has 3D printed armor; look!

Imagem de: Cosplay realista do Homem de Ferro tem armadura impressa em 3D; veja!

Among the Marvel characters, Iron Man is one of the most beloved among fans. The Marvel Cinematographic Universe (MCU), including, began in 2008, precisely with the release of the film Iron Man (Iron Man), which brought actor Robert Downey Jr. in the skin of the superhero. No wonder, the tycoon Tony Stark won and still wins, several tributes from fans around the world, including beautiful cosplays.

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And speaking of Iron Man cosplays, one of them has been getting a lot of attention recently on the internet due to its realism and unique details. The work in question was created by artist Nate From The Internet (@nate_from_the_internet), who brought to life a fantastic 3D printed armor for the Marvel superhero. Below, check out the result!

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A post shared by Nate (@nate_from_the_internet)

In the Instagram post, the user says: “I’m Iron Man. Come say hi at WonderCon this weekend, March 25th, in Anaheim, CA!” As the cosplayer reveals, his creation will be taken to the geek WonderCon event, which is a partner of Comic-Con, and which takes place between March 24th and 26th, in California. If people’s reactions there are the same as those who commented on Nate’s post, he will probably have a lot of pictures to take with fans!

detailed production

Not only did Nate show off his realistic Iron Man cosplay, he also explained the entire process of creating his armor in a detailed YouTube video. He says, for example, that this version of Iron Man is the last seen in the MCU and has a more “fair” armor and not as “bulky” as the previous ones.

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Watch the full video:


Despite being 3D printed, Nate shows that the armor received more handcrafted details and that everything was thought out to make the suit look as real as possible. Well, from the images we’ve seen, we can say that the artist’s goal has been achieved and that he will impress many people at the fair where he will debut the item.

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