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Reactions with emojis arrive in Google Docs

Now everyone wants to have the opportunity to react to messages, photos or videos to print your feelings on them. In that sense, Google is about to launch reactions with emojis for Google Docs.

The great technology company reported on its blog that among its latest releases is the function of react with emojiincluding gender neutral options, with different skin tones, symbols, among others that exceed those available on other platforms.

These options will be very useful, especially considering that Google Docs allows collaborative work where multiple people can edit the same document online.

“The new reactions with emojis bring a less formal and alternative way to comment and express opinions about the content of a document,” Google said.

In a gif uploaded to the Google blog, it can be seen that even you can react to words and not just paragraphs. Simply select the desired word to display the reaction option represented by a yellow face placed below the function of add comment and above Suggest edits.

Once the option to add reaction with emojis is selected, all the options will be displayed. because they are dozens of possibilities distributed in nine categories, like yellow face emojis, people, things, food, among others, it gives the opportunity to search the desired emoji at the top with text.

The emoji reactions have become a modern way of interacting with other people, as they are available on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Chats, Telegram, among others, making their popularity force technology companies to add them to their ecosystems.

Google noted that reactions in Docs will be by default, that is, they will appear equally for everyone and cannot be disabled in the configuration. According to the blog, this update will be released this April gradually and will be available to all users of Google Workspaceon G Suite Basic and Business and users with personal Google accounts (Google Accounts).

Google keyboard is updated in its emojis

The Google Keyboard or Gboard for mobile devices received an update with new features among which it stands out especially that it includes the double emoji than before in the suggestions.

Gboard incorporated emojis in its suggestions, so that when users write a word that corresponds to an emoji, one of the three suggestions that are displayed corresponds to one of these designs so that the user can select one more quickly.

Google released the app update in which Gboard emoji suggestions include not just one emoji but two, twice as much as before, showing up in the same third of the suggestion bar, as you’ve noticed AndroidPolice.

these suggestions they do not apply to all terms but only to words to which more than one emoji can be associated and users have the ability to turn off emoji suggestions in the Google Keyboard settings menu if they find them annoying.

The update is now available for all users who prefer to use GBoard, they only require to have latest version of the app installed on their mobile devices. The app can be safely downloaded from the iOS and Google app store.

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