Re/Member: All About Netflix’s Japanese Horror Film

Produced by Darkness, Discovery Next and Futabasha and officially released on October 14, 2022 in Japan, the horror film Re/Member made its debut on Netflix last Tuesday (14) and has already fallen into the graces of part of the streaming giant’s audience. Directed by Eiichirô Hasumi, the film brings elements of horror, suspense and time travel, creating an intriguing work capable of making anyone’s hair stand on end.

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Until the production of this article, Re/Member received mixed reactions on major sites that aggregate scores of audiovisual projects. On IMDb, for example, the horror film is right in the middle of the table, with a 5.0 (based on 1,100 reviews). On the Rotten Tomatoes website, the situation is not so good and the work has only a 40% approval rating from critics (however, the rating is based on only 5 reviews, that is, the value is yet to change).

But what is the story of Re/Member, in the end? Who is part of the cast of the Japanese horror film? Below, learn more about Netflix’s horror production that has everything to grow even more among the platform’s subscribers!

Re/Member: what is the story of the horror movie?

The Netflix movie follows high school student Asuka Morisaki (Kanna Hashimoto), who witnesses the apparition of a dead high school student named Haruka Mikami, who asks Asuka to find her body. To make matters worse, Haruka’s body is divided into eight pieces, which are scattered around the school where Asuka attends.

The young woman, accompanied by her friends, then decides to accept the mission and, during the process, discovers that Haruka was killed by an evil spirit called “Red Person”. The ghost that haunts the institution hunts students who are alone in the place and continues to torment them until they leave the school. When the “Red Person” finally kills its victim, it splits its body into eight parts and scatters them around the school, tasking others to find them.

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In this scenario, if Asuka and her friends are unable to find Haruka’s entire body, they will have to relive the same day over and over as they all continue to die and suffer at the spirit’s hands.

In Re/Member, six students find themselves trapped by an evil entity that has students as its main targets.Source: Netflix

Re/Member: Is the movie based on a manga?

To the surprise of some, Re/Member is based on a famous manga called Karada Sagashi (Body Search), released in 2014, written by Welzard and illustrated by Katsutoshi Murase. As in the film, the publication follows six young people, trapped in a time loop, in search of the body of a dead student. If they don’t find it, they will be trapped forever in the sadistic game of an evil entity.

Despite making some minor changes, the manga and movie stories are essentially the same. However, some details seen in Welzard’s work help to better understand the universe of Re/Member. For example, the publication describes the rules for hunting the dead student’s body, which makes everything clearer.

Check out:

1 – The Red Person will appear at school after school.

2 – The Red Person will only appear in front of a student if he is alone.

3 – Anyone who sees the Red Person cannot turn around until they leave school.

4 – If the student turns around, he will be cut into eight pieces that will be hidden in the school.

5 – The student killed by the Red Person will appear in front of someone in order to ask that person to look for his body.

6 – The person contacted cannot refuse to look for the body.

7 – The Red Person can appear during the search for the body.

8 – The search does not end until the body is found.

9 – Even if you die during the quest, you don’t die for real.

These manga details leave the experience of watching Re/Member even more interesting, since they help to better understand what is happening.

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Re/Member: Who’s in the cast?

The main cast of Re/Member Starring: Kanna Hashimoto (Asuka Morisaki), Gordon Maeda (Takahiro Ise), Maika Yamamoto (Rumiko Hiiragi), Fûju Kamio (Atsushi Kiyomiya), Kotarô Daigo (Shôta Uranishi), Mayu Yokota (Rie Naruto), Yuuki Luna (Hina) , between others.

The film is 1h42 minutes long and had a worldwide box office collection of US$ 8,166,175. The film is available on Netflix for all subscribers.

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