Racionais MC’s: Netflix documentary reaches top 1 after premiere

Finally, the iconic national rap group Racionais MC’s got their own documentary on Netflix. The production, titled Racionais MC’s: From the Streets of São Paulo to the World, extremely awaited by fanss, made its debut last Wednesday (16) and tells the story of Mano Brown, Ice Blue, KL Jay and Edi Rock, original members of the group.

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One day after its launch, inclusive, the documentary has already conquered the top 1 of Netflix, becoming a real success, at least in its first days on the air. A fact that was celebrated by Racionais MC’s on Twitter.

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The documentary series has the backdrop of Capão Redondo, a peripheral neighborhood in the South Zone of São Paulo, the region where the rap group was born. There, we see all the difficulties and challenges faced by rappers, who had to deal with poverty and violence constantly.

The production also introduces fans to how Mano Brown, Ice Blue, KL Jay and Edi Rock met and started to work together, including the creation of iconic records by Racionais MC’s, such as the remarkable “Sobrevivendo no Inferno”, from 1997.

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To explore the group’s more than 30-year career, the Netflix documentary uses archival footage from the 1990s, newspaper clippings, as well as family collections of the artists themselves, which only adds even more authenticity and intimacy to the production. Something that certainly pleased the fans even more.

Racionais MC’s: Das Ruas de São Paulo pro Mundo was directed by Juliana Vicente and was shown at the 46th São Paulo International Film Festival, on October 31st, at the Cinemateca Brasileira.

About Racionais MC’s


The most famous and respected Brazilian rap group in history, Racionais MC’s, emerged in 1988 through the minds and hands of Mano Brown, Ice Blue, Edi Rock and KL Jay.

With an incredible 34-year career, the group has released 10 albums, including studio albums, compilations and live. Among his greatest hits are the songs “Negro Drama”, Vida Loka”, “Jesus Chorou”, Chapter 4, Versicle 3″, “Da Ponte Pra Cá”, among others.

Racionais MC’s also won several music awards, including several from MTV.

The documentary about the artists is now available on Netflix.

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