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Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig’s excuse for not watching ‘Star Wars’ with their daughter

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig's excuse for not watching 'Star Wars' with their daughter

Among the most stable couples in Hollywood today, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig They are shown as one of the great examples to follow. With immeasurable talent, the british actors have decided to transfer this love to the cinema to their daughter in common, which this year is five years old. A young lady who has begun to savor the pleasure of watching movies, but taking it to the extreme.

“Daniel and our daughter had been watching Star Wars. It was like a special father-daughter experience and they started with the originals. My daughter became obsessed. She would ask me to google this and that. She was asking me what Darth Vader looked like under the mask…”, Weisz recently pointed out in the program The Late Show, Presented by Stephen Colbert.

“She wanted to know everything about mythology. I told her father, ‘I think that’s enough for her,’ so we decided to tell her that Star Wars it was broken”the actress revealed between laughs.

This incident occurred in London, so the family’s move to New York again brought up a question from the girl: “It’s broken Star Wars in New York too?”. One word Weisz was quick to say: “Yeah, she’s broke in New York too.”

The actress also confessed in the program that Craig did show his daughter the scene of The Force Awakens in which he made a cameo, where he played the Stormtrooper who freed Rey (Daisy Ridley) from captivity.

Rachel Weisz has another 16-year-old sonfruit of his relationship with the filmmaker Darren Aronofski, while Daniel Craig also has a daughter from his previous relationship with actress Fiona Loudon.. The latter, Ella, who is 30 years old, has also decided to follow in the footsteps of her parents in the world of acting. A home that exudes seventh art on all four sides.

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