Queen Elizabeth used a Samsung cell phone with just two contacts

Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday (8), used a special cell phone with only two main contacts: Princess Anne, her daughter, and the racehorse manager of the royal family John Warren. Interestingly, she did not use this device to communicate with other family members, or even the new UK Prime Minister Liz Truss.

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The queen’s cell phone had enhanced security (Image: Tim Rooke/Rex/Shutterstock)

Some details were cited by correspondent Jonathan Sacerdoti, an expert in matters related to the royal family. He did not reveal exactly which device was used, but the device was quite protected against access by malicious people – for that, it brings encryption with security guaranteed by MI6, the UK intelligence service.

Sacerdoti told the Daily Mirror that the queen had frequent contacts with Warren, who is the son-in-law of the late Earl of Carnarvon. As she used to enjoy horse racing—a sport she’s invested in for more than 70 years—they’ve grown even closer over the years.

His prestige with the British monarch was very great, to the point of becoming the only person who could speak to her from anywhere on the planet, at any time. “If Warren called, she would answer,” Sacerdoti said in the interview.

Samsung is the official supplier of products to the royal family

Seal is displayed on Samsung’s UK website (Image: Samsung)

Since the 15th century, the royal family has granted official authorizations to companies that supply products of different types. Samsung has had a “Royal Warrant” since 2012, and a corresponding seal is proudly displayed on the company’s UK-facing website — in May of this year, the certification was renewed for a few more years.

Therefore, other Samsung items are also expected to appear in several rooms in the royal residences. Items may include televisions and home appliances, as well as other mobile devices offered by the Korean brand.

Source: Daily Mirror, via Tilt; Samsung, via Sammobile

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