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Quantum calls miles away promise zero hacks

The quantum calls have taken an important step with a recent Chinese investigation. The researchers involved claim to have achieved set a new world record with secure and direct quantum communication (QSDCfor its acronym in English).

The line of communication would be completely secure and impossible to hack, according to the studies. Has allowed transmit data 102.2 kilometers away, that is, about 84 kilometers more than the last record that was 18 kilometers.

However, the transmission speed was only 0.54 bits per second, lower than in other lines. Despite being slow, the vision for the future is that this quantum communication is used massivelyfor its benefits.

Quantum communication is a developing technology that aims to send encrypted messages. Your security is based on their messages entwine photons (light particles) and if someone tries to enter them, they are separated and the message is lost.

Quantum entanglement was predicted as early as 1935 by Einstein, Podolsky and Rose (EPR). The entangled particles have a common link, that is why if the property of one of them is changed, the others are lost. Consequently, only those who participate in the intertwining line can intervene and “see” them.

The team of researchers has set a record with this breakthrough, making a physical system with a new protocol. Although the communication was 102.2 kilometers, it is estimated that it will be longer in the future, and the speed is also expected to improve.

The specialists the American Association for Advancement point out that stresses are found in entangling said particlesessentially linking them over long distances, because the entanglement is lost as they are transmitted through optical fibers or open spaces on land.

One of the ways to solve the problem is by breaking the transmission line into small segments and swapping, debugging and repeatedly storing the quantum information through the optical fiber. Another solution to the problem is using lasers and satellite-based technologies.

If these communications continue to advance productively, we could begin to have quantum linespractically impossible to hack, in a short time.

Other advances in quantum communication lines

This past March, in Spain, 54 million euros were allocated to the Ministry of Science and Innovation to promote the development and implementation of quantum technologies to reinforce the entity’s cybersecurity.

In this way, they will work for create a high-security communication infrastructure in Spain, while supporting the european quantum industry and promote a new industrial sector with new companies in the digital and cybersecurity field.

Although this communication is becoming a more real option, its opportunities have been explored for many years. In June 2017, Chinese scientists reported that they had completed a transmission of entangled photons between suborbital space and Earth.

In this investigation, between the satellite in orbit and the ground stations there were between 500 and 2 thousand kilometers of distance. To make it work, a laser beam on the satellite was subjected to a beam splitter, which gave two different polarized states. One of them was used for the transmission of entangled photons and the other for the reception of photons, overcoming distances of more than a thousand kilometers, which also represents a record.

(With information from EP and EFE)



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