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Qatar 2022: from Lionel Messi to who won the World Cup, the main Google searches in Latin America

Lionel Messi. (Photo: REUTERS/Hannah McKay)

Live the experience of watching a game of football in Argentina, As in most countries in Latin America, both in a stadium in the country or these days, in the Soccer World Cup in Qatar 2022 It is something that will be remembered for a lifetime. The passion of Argentines for soccer is irrepressible, uncontrollable. It’s like a second religion, and the searches in Google They show it by being the most important topic on this day that the World Cup final has been played.

Questions like the result of the World Cup in 1986? How many goals does Messi have in the World Cup? or even last world champion? have been frequently asked questions in Latin American countries. And it is that there are 90 minutes of passion and emotion, both on the field and in the stands, where players and fans give their best in each game.

It is an excellent way to find out what are the searches that have been carried out in this period that the soccer final has been played with the aim of lifting the most precious trophy for the countries.

The most searched topics in Latin America in 2022

The World Cup in Qatar marked many of the categories that the company analyzes to present the summary of the last 4 hours. And it is that when everyone believed that the game was won by the Argentine team, the searches had an unexpected turn.

Everything that happens around the most important soccer championship in the world generated interest and intrigue among Argentines and, of course, among many users from Latin American countries. These were the 20 most searched topics in Latin American countries like Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Colombia Y Chili in the last 4 hours on Google:

1. World final 86 result

2. There is an extension in the World Cup final

3. How many goals does Messi have in the World Cup?

4. 2022 world final referees

5. Last world champion

6. How many goals does Messi have in World Cups?

7. What material is the world cup made of?

8. Referee of the 2022 World Cup final

9. World Match Live

10. What is the world cup made of?

11. World Live Today

12. Soccer for all World Cup 2022

13. Free soccer world tv 2022 live

14. Free soccer world tv 2022

15. Who is going to win the 2022 World Cup?

16. World Prediction 2022

17. 1986 world

18. Who will win the 2022 World Cup

19. World Cup 1986 results

20. How’s the World Cup going?

 Final Argentina vs France (photo: REUTERS/Paul Childs)
Final Argentina vs France (photo: REUTERS/Paul Childs)

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Other most searched topics in Argentina during the year 2022


1) How to do the digital Census

2) How Dora died

3) How to know my CBU

4) How to know if I charge the IFE

5) How to get the health pass


1) Why Russia invades Ukraine

2) Why is June 17 a holiday?

3) Why is October 7 a holiday?

4) Why is November 21 a holiday?

5) Why is June 27 a holiday?


1) What time is it in Qatar

2) What is NATO

3) What is endemic

4) What is botulism

5) What is flurona


1) Tini recital

2) Kiss Recital

3) Coldplay Recital

4) Recital of La Renga

5) Metallica Recital

Series, movies and TV shows

1) Big Brother

2) Argentina 1985

3) Coffee with the aroma of a woman

4) The Manager

5) Dahmer

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