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PS5 with “accelerated ray tracing”: a patent signed by Mark Cerny appears

accelerated ray tracing
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The next-gen has been a reality for a year and a half now (shortage of stocks permitting), and we are still far from having seen the potential of the new machines exploited. But Sony and Microsoft are obviously already working to develop new technologies capable of optimizing and improving current performance (see VRS 2.0 on Xbox ).

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In particular, it emerged that the EPO (European Patent Office) approved a patent filed by Sony last August entitled ” System And Method For Accelerated Ray Tracing With Asynchronous Operation And Ray Transformation “. And there’s more, because the signature on the document is a heavy one: we are talking about Mark Cerny , Lead System Architect of PlayStation 5.

It seems, therefore, that PS5  (or perhaps  a Pro version of it ?) May receive ” accelerated ray tracing ” in the future. More precisely, ” accelerated ray tracing with asynchronous operations and ray transformation “.


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Ray tracing is one of the most talked about functions of the new videogame generation: it is in synthesis a sort of physics of light that calculates the interaction of the same with the different surfaces in a realistic and real time way. A very expensive task, and in fact in games we are usually at a crossroads: choosing whether to enjoy the mode that favors the visual aspect, with active ray tracing, or to favor performance.

The technology that Sony has thought of could aim to make the calculation process more streamlined, thus managing to recover something on the performance front, accepting fewer compromises . But these are, at the moment, only hypotheses: the Japanese giant, like all technology companies, files many patents, and not all of them are destined to become reality.


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