PS VR2, Sense Controller, exclusive game: Sony unveils the features of VR on PS5

To celebrate the Happy New Year, Sony has decided to unveil more information about its VR headset, starting with its name: the PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is the first PS VR2 exclusive

Horizon Call of the Mountain is the first PS VR2 exclusive

The PlayStation VR2 is one of our most anticipated new releases of 2022 and it won’t be long before we hear new information. PlayStation has decided to mark the year under the sign of virtual reality by announcing the characteristics of its headset, as well as a first exclusive high-budget game.


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PlayStation VR2 and VR2 Sense Controller: the characteristics

Sony confirms most of the rumors surrounding its new virtual reality headset. This results in a helmet that appears to be state of the art. We are indeed talking about eye tracking (Eye Tracking) as well as a rendering foveated, increasing graphic fidelity by focusing computing power on the center of your gaze. Obviously, the PS VR2 will be able to use the Tempest 3D Audio technology of the PS5 to increase the immersion with a very credible surrounding sound.

  • OLED screen 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye at 90 or 120 Hz with foveal rendering, HDR support and 110 degrees of field of view.
  • Inside-out tracking with 4 cameras: no need for a camera for movement tracking
    • Connection with the PS5 by USB-C
  • Built-in microphone
  • 3.5mm jack output for sound
  • Vibration integrated into the helmet
  • Eye tracking

As Sony had announced, the PS VR2 will not be a wireless headset. You will need to connect the device with a USB-C cable to the PS5. On the other hand, the number of integrated technologies promises a very rich immersion in the image of what the manufacturer has already been able to offer in 2D with the PS5.

Play Station VR2, Sense Controller

The next controllers for the PSVR headset // Source: Sony

The first PlayStation VR had to be content with recycled PS Move controllers, but the PS VR2 will have the right to tailor-made: the PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller. They inherit the technologies of the DualSense controller to, again, increase the player’s immersion.

  • Haptic vibration with one motor per joystick
  • Force feedback L2 and R2 triggers
  • One stick, two action buttons (Cross / Circle and Triangle / Square), two system buttons (PS and Option / Create), and two rear buttons (L1, L2 / R1, R2) per controller
  • Charging via USB-C
  • Bluetooth 5.1 connection
  • Built-in battery


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Whether with the controllers or the announced features of the headset, Sony is at the forefront of the VR market. The definition per eye is particularly very high, as well as the refresh rate. The power of the PS5, much greater than what the PS4 could do, should also push the limits that we knew in VR. But the most important thing is obviously the games. Sony takes the opportunity to unveil a first.

Horizon Call of the Mountain: Futuroscope in the living room

While waiting for the release of Horizon Forbidden West, the next episode of the Horizon series scheduled for PS5 on February 18, 2022, Sony is unveiling a spin-off episode of the series for the PS VR2: Horizon Call of the Mountain. Through a video, we can even discover the first images of the game made to measure for the headset of the PS5. It shows, the game seems to take place on rails and want to be amazed.

PS VR2, Sense Controller, exclusive game: Sony unveils the features of VR on PS5

The title is developed by the Firesprite studio, bought by Sony in 2021 to supply its virtual reality catalog, and overseen by Guerrilla Game, the studio responsible for the series. This suggests that Sony could in the future develop titles derived from its cult licenses on the PS VR2. In the meantime, this first experiment will have the role of making the most of all the characteristics of the PS VR2 to make it a technological demo.

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Design, price and release date still unknown

Sony continues to shed information on its VR strategy, especially to interest developers. However, several crucial information is missing, starting with the design of the PS VR2, but also the release date of the headset and its price.

The first generation PlayStation VR was launched at 400 euros for the PS4. It is hard to imagine Sony succeeded in taking such an aggressive price for a headset that has achieved such a great rise in range. Instead, let’s focus on an introductory price of 499 euros, the same as that of the PS5.


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