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Programming without knowing codes, a trend

Programming without knowing codes, a trend

One of the reasons why it is customary to develop Internet platforms such as virtual stores without being an expert in programming, is due to the people who have founded ventures whose products need to be sold on the web.

These practices are known as “No code” or “Low code” and consist of the construction of websites and applications without the need to use lines of code or other types of technicalities that are complex for people who are not dedicated to the development of softwares.

This is done through Internet applications and platforms that do not require downloading, where those interested in creating their own site do so through very intuitive tools based on the final visual appearance of the site.

An example is online platforms with which websites can be created by dragging and dropping windows, banners, icons or tools. As if it were creating a PowerPoint presentation.

These types of technological facilities are very attractive not only for entrepreneurs who want to sell online, but they are also widely used by large companies because they facilitate operations and allow greater control over key aspects of the organization. For example, in an emergency, an employee of the organization can modify the information published on web pages, without having to go to the developer of the company.

Likewise, with this “No code” technique, websites, online stores, internal management platforms, web and mobile applications can be created.

Another example of programming without codes are emails from companies, also known as newsletters, which are mounted on platforms such as “Mailchimp”, where the user creates the design by means of the aforementioned drop and drag tool. This, for example, reduces the expenses and times of the companies.

As well as “No code” technologies to create web platforms without knowing how to program, “Low Code” tools have also been widely used in recent years, which, although they require programming knowledge, are very minimal.

Even this last type of web creation has been implemented a lot among the same programmers because it saves them a lot of codes that are not essential for their activities.

Although these trends in programming give anyone the opportunity to create their website or virtual store, it does not mean that developers see their profession in danger of extinction. Many of them even use these tools to create prototypes and proposals for clients. Also, it has allowed people to become familiar with programming without appearing difficult, especially in educational settings.


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