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Prime Video, Netflix and HBO Max: how to watch content from other countries on the platforms

Amazon Prime Video. (photo: Clarin)

Prime Video does not allow access to world content on its platform due to an anti-VPN that most of the vpn cannot be overcome, which is why content from one country cannot be viewed in another.

But, what is a VPN? We consulted the expert systems engineer in databases, Cristian Larrota, and he explained that “VPN is a virtual private network that allows the assurance of the internet connection or many times, serves to identify that connection in another geographical point. In a few words, the VPN is used to establish a secure connection to a server that can be in any geographical point on the planet.

So, compared to streaming platforms, why can’t content be easily accessed? “The VPN server is the one that talks to the web server (streaming platforms like Prime Video, Netflix or HBO Max), so for example, if one is in Colombia but connects to a VPN in the United States, the web server will think that one is in the US and will be able to access content from that country,” said the expert.

There can be two contexts here: the case of an TechMarkup reader who thinks of traveling abroad and wants to access the Prime Video catalog that they are used to in their country of origin; or on the other hand, a person who wants to enter the catalog of the streaming platform from another country (for example, the US library).

For both scenarios, you will need a verified VPN that can bypass anti-VPN technology.

There are many VPN alternatives on the market that can work. In most of them, the platform ends up blocking them, but there is nothing to worry about, since there is a option that allows you to use Prime Video reliably during days away from home.

what are the alternatives

Of all the options, iTopVPN is one of the best known, as it has a huge server network that bypasses Prime’s geo-blocks and is fast enough to watch shows in Ultra HD.

If you want to watch a wide range of quality content, you only need to connect to a US server to change Amazon Prime Peru (for example) to the US.

The platform is free and unlimited and allows the user to see series Y films exclusive to another country.

(photo: iTopVPN)
(photo: iTopVPN)


– Has more than 1,800 servers worldwide pTo access other popular streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Disney Y Hulu.

– It has a high network speed, which allows you to play PUBG, war zone either Minecraft and more, with high FPS (frames per second) without delays, which means that the movements on the screen look more fluid and a much more immersive experience is generated.

– All traffic received or sent over the broadband connection is encryption at the highest level to ensure that no one (not even iTop itself) can monitor your online activities.

(photo: iTopVPN)
(photo: iTopVPN)

Steps to see the content

1. Download the platform at Windows, iOS either Android from official website.

2. It should appear as follows:

(photo: iTopVPN)
(photo: iTopVPN)

3. Now it’s time to find the server you want. For example, for watch US Prime Video just connect to the US server.

4. Click the button Connect. It is a relatively simple process and the IP address has already been changed. It is now possible to go to Prime Video to access exclusive content.

(photo: iTopVPN)
(photo: iTopVPN)

Are VPNs Really Secure or Not?

According to an article by Kaspersky Lab, a cybersecurity company, these types of tools (although they protect the IP identity of the computer by making it impossible to access data and search history), they do not work as if they were an antivirus program. This is because if you enter a malicious website the device will be polluted and attacked.

In other words, even if a VPN is used, the danger continues with trojans, bot, malware, spyware and in general, to any type of virus that can damage the computer or steal sensitive information.

In this article written by TechMarkup you can learn more about these services to protect devices and data.

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