Portrait video and macro mode in the focus of Pixel 7’s cameras

Google is putting more energy into marketing the new Pixels than it did with previous generations. As part of this, video advertising blocks are also being prepared, two of which were leaked to the Internet SnoopyTech via his Twitter. According to the half-minute short films, Google will try to sell Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro with portrait video, macro mode, magic eraser, live translation and extreme battery saving mode that provides enough energy for 72 hours of use.

The video of the Pixel 7 Pro also features a function called Super Res Zoom, which can complement the periscope telephoto camera with extra software help, and the result is naturally impressive, according to the advertisement. In a few days, Google will present the phones together with the first Pixel Watch, and a half-minute advertising film about the latter can also be seen.

According to this, the watch will monitor your heart rate, navigate using Google Maps, pay with it via the Google Wallet service, receive phone calls and messages, and of course, the Assistant will be able to be controlled from it. The watch also revealed that it will be able to work with any Android phone, as long as that phone runs system version 8.0 or higher.

The Pixel Watch will reportedly come with a six-month Fitbit Premium subscription, and a Fitbit user account may be required to take advantage of the watch’s full functionality. The native Google Photos and Google Home applications are said to arrive on Wear OS at the same time as the Pixel Watch.

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