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Popular Galaxy A series: These Samsung phones get updates less often

Galaxy A series, Galaxy A series updates

Samsung will switch to a six-month update cycle for older Galaxy A series devices. If your cell phone is included, you will only receive two updates from now on before the support expires. In the article, you will find out which models are included.

  • Older A-series devices switch to a six-month firmware update cycle
  • Applies to models A20s, A30s, A50s and A70s
  • Devices are expected to receive updates for only one year

Samsung has started rolling out the latest security update for its devices from November 2021, which closes various security holes in the OneUI. In addition, since this will be one of the last updates of the year, the South Korean giant has decided to switch some of its older devices to a semi-annual firmware update cycle. The penultimate update before the support will be completely discontinued next year.


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The Galaxy A20s, A30s, A50s and A70s devices, which previously received a security update every three months, will now be set to a lower level and will from now on receive an update every six months. Under normal circumstances, the devices will be supported until 2022. The devices are already 3 years old and were released in 2019.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy a30 back
3 years later and the A30 still looks elegant! / © NextPit

Samsung is known to provide long update support for its devices. At least compared to other Android manufacturers. Flagships are prioritized, but the entry-level A-series devices also receive a decent amount of patches. The above devices have already received their last Android 11 update, which will stick on Samsung’s OneUI 3.0.


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What does that mean? Well, if a device is removed from the support list, it means that it will no longer receive security updates. This is associated with a greater vulnerability to cyber-attacks and other exploits. But that doesn’t mean that your device will become unusable right away. Most applications should work on these devices for several years as long as the specifications meet the requirements.

How your Samsung device updates:

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy a70 back
In 2019, the A70 was still considered a camera power pack for its class with 3 sensors! / © NextPit

If you use a Samsung device and want to get the latest update, all you have to do is go to the settings go and on Security Updates> Download and Install tap. Some devices also have a separate button for security updates, which can be found under Settings> Biometrics & Security> Security Updates is to be found.

Note that not all devices receive the updates at the same time. Factors such as the region, the novelty of your mobile phone and the series determine the priority that Samsung gives the update cycle.

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Are you using Galaxy A series A20s, A30s, A50s or A70s? Do you want to upgrade soon? Let us know in the comments!


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