Police series on Netflix: discover the 8 best productions

Netflix has numerous interesting contents in its catalog. Among them we have a separate part just for the police series. And there’s something for everyone, see? From the most investigative to the most expository, to the most dramatic.

There are productions inspired by real events, as well as those that were based on books and became huge hits on the platform.

With that in mind, here we have selected eight police series on Netflix to be part of your marathon. Keep reading and choose your favorite!

8. Good morning, Veronica

(Source: Netflix/Play)Source: Netflix

The first series on the list was developed here in Brazil, based on the book Good morning, Veronica, written by Ilana Casoy and Raphael Montes — under the pseudonym Andrea Killmore. In the plot, Verônica Torres (Tainá Müller) works as a clerk at a police station.

When she witnesses a suicide, her life is transformed and the protagonist ends deciding help women in vulnerable situationsdiscovering more about the criminal underworld and also the police institution.

7. How to Get Away with Murder

(ABC/Play)(Source: ABC/Reproduction)Source: ABC

Starring Emmy and Oscar winner Viola Davis, the series has executive producer Shonda Rhimesone of the most powerful names on American television.

In the plot, Annalize DeWitt (Viola Davis) has an unconventional reputation as a professor of criminal law. For this reason, many students at the prestigious East Coast Law School are torn between loving her and hating her.

However, everyone wants a spot in her project to bring students with her to the court cases she handles outside the student environment. But the teacher didn’t count on the fact that they would put her in a “snooker pool”.

6. fargo

(FX/Playback)(Source: FX/Playback)Source: FX

In the 1990s, the brothers Joel and Ethan Coen became even better known, mainly due to the launch of fargo — a film full of dynamism and tragicomic situations. Almost 20 years later, the FX channel launched an anthology series based on the feature film.

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Each season, a new story is presented to viewers, who follow petty characters who want to get along at all costs. The cast includes the likes of Martin Freeman, Kirsten Dunst, Jean Smart, Jesse Plemons, Billy Bob Thornton, Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

5. The Blacklist

(NBC/Playback)(Source: NBC/Reproduction)Source: NBC

The figure of Raymond Reddington (James Spader), better known as Red, became quite symbolic in the development of The Blacklist. Over the years, the former United States naval officer has become one of the most wanted criminals of all time.

However, the story of this series develops from the agreement made between Red and the FBI, who wishes to have man’s support in capturing other dangerous minds scattered around the world. Rookie investigator Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) is largely responsible for taking care of him.

4. Lucifer

(Netflix/Play)(Source: Netflix/Play)Source: Netflix

Based on the character of Neil Gaiman, first seen in the comics of sandman, Netflix acquired the rights to continue telling the story of this figure, after Fox withdrew from continuing with the series.

In his new home, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) continued to participate in dangerous investigations in Los Angeles, where he met and fell in love with police officer Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Kevin Alejandro, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Tom Welling and Aimee Garcia round out the cast.

3. narcos

(Netflix/Play)(Source: Netflix/Play)Source: Netflix

When Netflix decided to tell the story of drug trafficking in Latin America, Brazilian Wagner Moura was chosen to play one of the biggest names in this type of crime: Pablo Escobar. Thus, the episodes narrate the rise and fall of the drug trafficker who headed the Medellin Cartel in Colombia.

With the success of the production, which merges Escobar’s actions in parallel with police investigations, the streaming giant soon ordered other versions of the series, including Narcos: Mexico.

two. La Casa de Papel

(Netflix/Play)(Source: Netflix/Play)Source: Netflix

Created by Álex Pina, La Casa de Papel has become one of Netflix’s biggest phenomena in recent years. With a simple and very objective plot, the audience follows the saga of a group of criminals willing to rob the Royal Mint of Spain.

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Led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), all members of the gang work under pseudonyms that allude to cities around the world. Thus, the public knows Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), Lisbon (Itziar Ituño), Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Rio (Miguel Herrán), Denver (Jaime Lorente), Nairobi (Alba Flores) and Moscow (Paco Tous).

1. mindhunter

(Netflix/Play)(Source: Netflix/Play)Source: Netflix

To close the list, it is necessary to talk about the series considered one of the best police series of all time that is also part of the Netflix catalog.

Executive produced by filmmaker David Fincher and actress Charlize Theron, mindhunter is set in the late 1970s, following the daring of two FBI agentswho want to interview incarcerated serial killers to help them solve other criminal cases.

In this way, Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) use psychology to their advantage in episodes filled with tension at all times.

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