PlayStation Plus: claim free FIFA 22 and two other games with your subscription during May 2022

If you already have a PlayStation Plus subscription , you can access different offers in the virtual store on your console, access online gaming services and also claim free titles every day.


In case you want more content, PlayStation Plus Premium also offers access to an entire library of more than 400 first-party and third-party video games. This change is part of the subscription renewal that took place in 2022.

Just days before the end of April, Sony has shared the list of games that you can download without paying. Remember that you need to keep your PS Plus account active in order to access this library.

Free games on PS Plus during May 2022


FIFA 22: “Enjoy redesigned goalkeepers, real ball physics, explosive sprints, new attacking tactics, an even more immersive matchday experience, bigger goalscoring moments (even) and more pivotal advancements across the pitch”, details the description of the title.

Curse of the Dead Gods: “You seek untold riches, eternal life, divine power… and it all leads you to this cursed temple, a seemingly endless labyrinth with bottomless pits, deadly traps, and monsters.”.


Tribes of Midgard: “The giants are coming! Form a tribe with up to 10 players and defend your village from the incessant attacks of spirits and giants ready to end the world. Enjoy the unique mix of action, survival and elements typical of dungeon crawlers”.

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