PlayStation Network crash reported after PlayStation 5 update

PlayStation Network crash reported after PlayStation 5 update

Attention with what is happening on PlayStation. Several PlayStation Network users have reported that the system is down, leaving PS5 and PS4 owners unable to access the PlayStation Store, play games online, and more.

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The official page of the state of PlayStation It shows numerous issues affecting users of PS5 and PS4 consoles right now. There was also a massive increase in issues reported through DownDetector.

While these issues surface just hours after the release of a new firmware update for PS5 and PS4, it’s currently unclear if the issue is directly related. Several users reported having trouble accessing playstation store or manage your membership playstation plus even before the update was available.

Naturally, streaming games Playstation Now is also affected by the outage, and players will have trouble trying to stream games through the service while online issues continue. According to reports, Playstation Now is being reworked into Sony’s upcoming Project Spartacus, though the revamp has yet to be officially revealed. The new service will reportedly have three tiers, with PlayStation Plus being the bottom tier.

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problems with PlayStation Network they are usually resolved fairly quickly, but depending on the complexity of the problem, the service could be down for a while longer.

The new update that coincided with this outage added the ability for PS5 and PS4 users to create open and closed parties. It has been in beta testing for the past few weeks, but is now available for everyone to use.

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