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Playlist for pets: what are the best songs for furry and scaly

The pets They are not only pets, they are members of the family. People are no longer afraid to show publicly that they treat them like friends and not like animals, buying them cookies, clothes, accessories, among other things. In this sense, they also make them listen to the Spotify animal playlist.


Taking advantage of the fact that dogs, cats, lizards, hamsters and more are treated in a special way, the streaming platform, within the framework of National Pet Day in the US, launched its experience Pet Playlists for all its users.

And although animals may not fully understand music, it is true that sometimes move their ears when hearing certain choirs, voices and morehence Spotify has launched this mode for the first time in 2020.


In the last year, millions of users have been creating playlists for pets. On this occasion, Spotify invites people to tell something about their pet to receive a personalized playlist, based on the listening habits and the personality of the little animal. It should be noted that this dynamic is only available in the United States.

puppies are favorites

The streaming platform reviewed music trends for puppies, dogs, cats, birds and more, finding that “People love to play music for their pets.” Among them, for people the favorites are the puppies, since Searches for “puppy” on Spotify are up nearly 700% since January 2020.


“Since its launch in early 2021, Spotify’s This Is Calming Music for Dogs playlist streams have increased more than 330% in the US.” In addition to this list, users have created their own playlists on the platformwhere the most added songs to the “puppy” lists are: “Sugar” by Maroon 5, “Wolves” by Selena Gomez and Marshmello, and “Roar” by Katy Perry.

Kittens, hamsters, aver and more

Although the puppies are the favorite among the users of the platform, they are not the only ones, also the feathered, scaled and the rest of the furry ones have their place. According to Spotifysince January 2020, there has been a 800% increase in searches for “kitty”, an almost 700% increase in searches for “hamster” and an increase of almost 600% on searches for “bird.”

For felines, the most common songs are: Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”, Twenty One Pilots’ “Heathens” and Ava Max’s “Sweet But Psycho” topping the “kitten” playlist category.


For reptiles, the songs are more rock and roll, and the most used are: “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses and “Reptilia” by The Strokes to Radiohead’s “Creep”.

It should be remembered that the option to receive a playlist based on the user’s tastes and the personality of the pet is only available in the United States, still, everyone can make their own playlist with the songs that they think are the most suitable for their friend.

To create your own playlist, you simply have to make a list like any other from the platform. If you try to do it from the pet mode, the site will say that something went wrong and that the function is not available and will recommend a playlist for the type of pet that was selected.


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