Play Store will allow developers to use alternative payment systems

Despite competitors, Google and Apple agree to remain resistant to allowing developers to use third-party systems to receive billing for in-app purchases. The fees charged by companies and the inability to adopt alternative platforms have forced some companies to limit in-app features.

In some countries, companies have been accused of anti-competitive practices precisely for forcing developers to make payments through the native system of Android and iOS software. While I don’t fully agree with leaving your trading system closed, Google released this Tuesday (19), that European apps use other charging mechanisms.

According to information, the decision was taken in response to the Digital Markets Law that is in force in Europe and conditions companies to adopt certain changes to adapt to the guidelines of the region.

Reiterating its efforts to collaborate with authorities, Google issued the following note: “We are committed to meeting these new requirements, ensuring we can continue to keep people safe on our platforms and investing in Android and Play for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.“.

Android robot and Play Store logo. (Image: Reproduction).

Previously, the fee charged by Google for using the Play Store was 15% in Europe, but big tech applied a 3% reduction and the fee is now 12%. Developers you will choosem an alternative billing system will need “meet appropriate user protection requirements”, such as personal data and cards, for example.

This change was applied only in Europe and is not expected to arrive in other countries, as the reason for the change may have been European law.

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