Plagiarism? Brazilian artist indicates similarities between his work and the 1899 series

Early this Sunday (20th), Brazilian comic artist Mary Cagnin published on her Twitter profile a series of similarities between her comic book “Black Silence” (2016) and the new Netflix series “1899”, released on Thursday (17th). ). The German series has behind the same creators of “Dark” (2017-2020).

“Black Silence” is available to be read for free in its digital version.

According to Cagnin, very specific elements that she used in her HQ are present in the series, such as a black pyramid, an international crew that deals with mysterious deaths and symbols in the eyes.

But in addition to the plot itself, Cagnin adds another fact that may reinforce his thesis that the work “Black Silence” would have been used as a reference for the series.

The writer says that, in 2017, she was invited by the Brazilian embassy to participate in the Gothenburg Book Fair, in Sweden. The event has a lot of prominence in the literary field of Europe.

“I’ve been on panels and distributed the Black Silence comic to countless publishers and people in the business. It’s not hard to imagine my work reaching them. Not only did I deliver the physical comic, I made the translated version available in English,” Cagnin wrote on Twitter. .

“My dream has always been to be nationally and internationally recognized for my work. And to see something like this happening really breaks my heart. We know that in Brazil we have few opportunities to show our work and be recognized for it”, continues the comic artist.

Carol Moreira, a youtuber specializing in series, said on Twitter that, after reading the comics and seeing the series, she did not find the works similar.

“Although the series (sic) has some similar visual elements, they are sci-fi things that exist in several other works. The giant pyramid is indisputable that it is the same, but nothing of the plot seems, no character arc seems …”, he wrote Moreira.

“I understand Mary’s initial scare, but I think she hadn’t seen the series yet. I think it’s worth everyone finishing watching the series and then reading the comic. minutes from the finale”, continues Moreira.

Cagnin acknowledged that the references are diluted in the series, but said that they are in the work. “Obviously, Black Silence is a short work, almost a short story. It is very easy, in 12 hours of projection of the series, to dilute all these “references”, but the essence of what I created is there”, she wrote.

According to Netflix’s synopsis, “1899” tells a story that takes place on a ship with crew of different European origins bound for a distant land. When they find another ship of immigrants adrift, the journey becomes a nightmare.

“Black Silence” is a science fiction that takes place in a dystopian and post-apocalyptic future, with elements of drama, suspense and terror. The HQ was collectively funded by Catarse and received the Angelo Agostini Trophy for best designer. The work also had 3 nominations for the HQMix Award.

O TechWorld reached out to Netflix’s press office, but did not hear back as of this writing.

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