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Pixel Game Jam: women from different countries will have 48 hours to make a video game

This May 6, at least 300 young people will start a unique event adventure Pixel Game Jamin which for 48 hours, together with people from other countries they have just met, they must create a video game which will give them the opportunity to grow and create connections with people who share their passion.


“What we are looking for is attract more women to the industry in a safe space: it is what we offer and what we do”, he said to TechMarkup Diane Rodriguezdirector and co-founder of Big Monster Games, founding leader of Women In Gamex and organizer of Women Game Jam.

Historically, video games, along with technology, have been a space where men predominate, so organizations and people in the industry are making an effort to change the scenery through the creation of opportunities and bonds of trust with those who are passionate about the subject.


“What we always seek are spaces of inclusion and security for all these people is to have safe spaces for all of them and they [mujeres cis, hombres trans, mujeres trans, personas no binarias, personas LGBTQ+]”, he pointed.

Women in Gamex with the support of Cola-Cola Creations will carry out from May 6 to 8, 2020 the Pixel Game Jaman event in which people from different disciplines and nationalities will come together in teams to create video games while support networks are forged on the role of women in the industry in Latin America.


People over 18 years of age, from different Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia and Mexico and even other Spanish-speaking countries who had not been initially considered, such as Spain and Peru, registered for this event.

The mission is that the participants, after having communicated through Discord form teams to achieve the goal: plan and create a digital game, based on a theme that was revealed until the official presentation of the event.

“At the same time, it they provide them with diversifiers that are like little sub-themes that they can take as reference for games. That way, one of the diversifiers that we have with Coca-Cola is to include a Cola within the development,” Rodríguez pointed out.


During the process, the participants will have the support of mentors from different fields They will be available at different times to answer any possible questions. Also, when you finish over the weekend, the video games that have been developed can be played for free on the platform

As if that wasn’t enough motivation to be part of an international event focused on supporting video game creators and fans to raise their voices, share their experiences and build networks while creating their own games. [portafolios] that will be available to the public, may be recognized with badges and the opportunity to follow the workshops post Pixel Game Jam.

Rodriguez revealed in advance TechMarkup that although there will be no awards, at the end of the event they will offer a extra. “We are going to give them rewards, we are going to have various ‘badges’, so to speak, for best game, best art, best storytelling, among other divisionsyes”.

People who have been selected for excelling in a skill or showing a strong commitment will be candidates for participate in special workshops that they will give after the dynamics of the weekend.

It should be emphasized that Women In Gamex has three years encouraging, promoting, making visible and raising awareness of the role of women in the video game industry in the Mexican and Latin American environment. Thanks to this, Coca-Cola sought them out to create this event that exceeded the expectations of the inscriptions and demonstrated that there are no age limits to enter the video game industry.

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