Pixel Buds A could be the most economic version of wireless headphones from Google.


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Google is heading to launch its new wireless headphones named Google Pixel Buds A that could be the most economical wireless headphones offered by the company. It is reported that the new earbuds offer similar features and design to the current Pixel buds.

9to5Google in its report confirmed the name of coming earbuds. The report states that the tech giant will offer the earbuds in two additional colors of green and white. There is probably no change in the design and specifications of earbuds but they may be cheaper than the existing earbuds. The company will launch its new earbuds in the second half of the year.

Google’s earbuds lineup was started in 2017 when the company launched its first headset with a wired connection. The new earbuds are coming as the successor of the company’s previously launched earbuds with the same features and design.

This year Google’s Pixel Buds A will come in a completely white-colored case and the earbuds too. Last year, black color was used in the interior on the case, earbuds tip, and its wings. It seems like the company has copied the color scheme of Apple’s AirPods this year. But for the green Pixel Buds A, the darker green color is used on the earbud’s tip, wings, and inside the charging case.

Expectations from Google Pixel Buds A:

The previously launched Google’s earbuds had multiple features like touch control to calls and media. We can expect identical features for Google Pixel Buds A.

The word A in the name of upcoming earbuds may result in the most Affordable earbuds of the company till date. The new earbuds will come in two new colors for Green and White.

The launch event will probably be arranged in the second half of this year.

Article Source: India Today

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