Pix goal: Casas Bahia will make you want to see a series of goals

Imagine winning a Pix for every Brazil goal, it seems like a dream, doesn’t it? And this is more than possible in Bahia houses, which launched the Goal of Pix. The campaign awards Pix prizes for each Brazilian victory. Curious? Come see how it works.


By purchasing the eligible products identified with the “Gol de Pix” seal before the next game, you earn, in your banQi account, a Pix worth the seal for each goal difference scored in Brazil’s victories. Reinforcing: it is necessary to have an account at banQi, the Brazilian digital bank, and Brazil must win the game for the prize to be valid.

Check the campaign rules clicking here.

Where can I find Gol de Pix products?


Casas Bahia has separated a special section of products that are part of the campaign, in which you can also check the values ​​of each Pix referring to the product. Items are updated every day, check out!

Several customers have already participated and won pix on their account, participate too, there are toys like Legochildren’s bicycle, doll, drinks like gin, winebeer and even a selection of multi-rim tires such as 13″ rim tire, 14″ tire and 15 rim tireBesides housewares, computer products and more.

The biggest Black Friday in Brazil is coming


Casas Bahia is preparing a sexta-feira Negra incredible for consumers who wait so long for this date to make their purchases. What are you looking for? iPhone 14PS5, speaker JBL, smart tv, furniture, appliances or small appliances? You have all this on Black Friday Casas Bahia, with the lowest price and special payment conditions on the store card. Download the app and activate notifications to know all the news of this great event.

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