Pirates of the Caribbean: Zoe Saldaña reports bad experience while filming

In an interview with Entertainment Weeklyactress Zoe Saldaña gave more details about her career and mentioned an unpleasant story involving the series Pirates of the Caribbean. the star of Guardians of the Galaxy it’s from avatar said he had a bad experience while playing the character Anamaria, a smuggler known as “the delicate flower of the Caribbean” by Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp).


According to her, problems with the pace of filming and with the constant changes of scenarios had a negative impact on her psychological. For many moments, Saldaña came to doubt her artistic ability and faced slight disagreements with members of the cast, especially with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, to whom she publicly exposed her discontent with the film’s schedule.

“It was my first exposure to a big Hollywood movie where there were so many actors and so many producers and crew members,” said the actress. “We were shooting in different locations, and the environments weren’t so nice sometimes for our filming days. I was too young and it was a little too big for me, and the pacing was a little too fast.”


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“I walked away not really having a good experience with it in general. I felt like I was very lost in the trenches of it, and I just didn’t feel like it was okay.” “.


In addition, she reinforced the importance of being remembered by the producer, who knew how to take responsibility for the problems even with the end of the cycle.

“Feeling seen and heard as an artist, over the years, or even as a person, means a lot,” she concluded.

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