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Pinterest integrates activities for users with depression or stress

The emotional upset it is something that many people can overlook because it is not visible to others, such as bruises, cuts, a broken arm or any other physical condition, and even not taken seriously by those around the person. In that sense, Pinterest is expanding “emotional wellness activities” to 11 countries.


Only the person who is living stress, depression or any other discomfort emotionally knows what it is like to be in that condition even though those around him may ignore him or believe that he is exaggerating because his pain is not visible. However, these people may find social media supportespecially if they do not feel ready or do not have the resources to go to psychological therapy.

So lucky, Pinterest makes resources available for emotional well-being in ColombiaFrance, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Sweden, Mexico, Argentina and Chilewhich may begin to be consulted in the coming weeks.


Pinterest tools are currently activated in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Brazil, and Germany. With this expansion, Help will be available to users in a total of 23 countries.

When users feel anxiety, depression, stress or any other emotional discomfort, they can perform a search for their feelings on Pinterest so that the platform shows them a collection of interactive activities what can you try for improve your mood and securely access support resources when they need it most.


“Through this feature, people will see a prompt to explore activities in these countries if they search for things like ‘sad phrases’, ‘job anxiety’ or other terms that indicate they may feel depressed. If you select ‘accept your emotions,’ you will be guided through the steps to practice self-compassion,” Pinterest said in a statement.

Ari Simon, director of social impact and philanthropy at Pinterest, noted that believe that emotional well-being is essential in everything that makes the social network and that its mission is “to inspire people to live the life they love”. “We have worked with experts and non-governmental organizations over the years to help Pinners with all parts of their well-being,” she added.

Pinterest said it wants the platform to continue building a safe, friendly and inspiring environment, especially in a context in which “disinformation and negativity” abound. Since last year, the searches related to stress and mental health have increased on the platform.


Searches for “mental health quotes” increased 9 times and searches like “yoga for stress” increased 74 percent. On the other hand, according to a recent study published by Pinterest on the power of inspiration, 80% of respondents feel more positive thanks to the platform.

People used the platform to find support in a safe environment where they are not judged. Thus, the searches to perk up and alleviate your situation were:

– Dating searches on mental problems increased 9 times

– Searches to feel stressed increased 8 times

– Searches for claims anxiety increased 4 times

– Dating searches for face difficult dayss increased by 3 times

– Searches for positive quotes in the screen saver increased 3 times.

– Searches on how to support someone with their mental health increased by 3 times

Likewise, they are looking for and found wellness techniques through searches:

– Searches on emotional awareness increased 22 times

– Searches for self-soothing techniques increased 3 times

– Searches for mental health art healthy increased 9 times

– Searches on yoga for stress increased +74%

– Searches for meditation garden ideas increased 3 times

– Searches for bulletin board ideas on mental health increased 13 times

Pinterest with the help of experts in emotional health, seek to address a broader spectrum of what Pinners may need, without intending to replace any type of therapy or professional help.

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