Pinterest brings changes to sell from the platform

Pinterest brings changes to sell from the platform
Pinterest. (photo: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)

The Pinterest platform announced an alliance with Shopify, the company that allows you to create online stores, in order to support electronic commerce in Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

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The thousands of Shopify sellers around the world will be able to submit their posts to Pinterest and turn them into “Pins” of products that can be bought and discovered quickly on the platform.

“SMBs, in particular, have a lot of opportunity to thrive on Pinterest by being able to connect with consumers in a positive environment right when they are in the early stages of making decisions and demonstrating purchase intent,” he said. Andre Loureiro, CEO of Pinterest for Latin America.

People who advertise on Pinterest through Shopify also have access to dynamic retargeting for the first time. This will allow you to reconnect with Pinterest users who have shown interest in your products within the platform.

Pinterest.  (photo: E-commerce News)
Pinterest. (photo: E-commerce News)

New feature for the feed

Pinterest will also introduce multiple catalog feeds, a feature that allows brands to upload listings to different product feeds within the same Pinterest business account.

People who sell on Shopify, like any retailer with a Pinterest business account, can add up to 20 product feeds to your account each with location-specific data, such as currency, language, or availability.

The multiple feeding options in the catalog make it easy for retailers connect with customers around the world. In fact, they can upload specific feeds for each market they operate in.

“The retail ecosystem has evolved in recent years, and at Pinterest we are committed to supporting merchants of all kinds with quick and easy access to our shopping features,” concludes Loureiro..