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Pinterest bans ads that deny climate change

pinterest is launching a new policy to deal with the false information or misleading about climate change. In this regard, the site announced that it will remove content that could harm the public’s well-being, security or trust. This goes for all kinds of material, including ads.

As part of the new guidelines, it was established that content that could harm the well-being, security or trust of the public, linked to the aforementioned theme, will be removed. In this sense, the site mentioned what will be the aspects that will lead to the exclusion of material from the platform:

1. Content that denies the existence or effects of climate change, human influence on climate change, or the fact that climate change is supported by scientific consensus

2. False or misleading content about climate change solutions that contradicts established scientific consensus.

3. Content that misrepresents scientific data, including by omission or manipulation, to undermine confidence in experts and climate science.

4. Harmful false or misleading content about public safety emergencies, including natural disasters and extreme weather events.

“All ads posted on Pinterest must always comply with our Community Guidelines. Besides, we updated our Advertising Guidelines to explicitly prohibit any ads that contain conspiracy theories, false information and misinformation in relation to climate change”, the company stressed in a broadcast announcement.

In turn, Sarah Bromma, policy director of the platform said the following: “Pinterest believes in cultivating a space that is trustworthy and truthful for those who use our platform.. This bold move is an expansion of our broader disinformation guidelines, which we first developed in 2017 to address false public health information, and have since updated to address new and emerging issues as they emerge in the marketplace.”

From the company they assure that the searches for a greener life are on the rise. People often go to the social network in order to find ideas to incorporate sustainability into their entire lifestyle; this is demonstrated by 6x more searches for “no waste tips”, 4x more searches for “upcycled clothing ideas”, an increase of over 95% in “recycled home decor” and an increase of over 64 % in “waste-free lifestyle” compared to last year.

To tackle climate change and misinformation, the platform partnered with experts such as the Coalition for Climate Disinformation and the Conscious Advertising Network, with the aim of informing and developing its policy based on common themes of false information that are observed on multimedia platforms.

On the other hand, with a view to promoting a greener life, different creators from Argentina, USA, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and India will launch a series of Creator Originals content on the platform. Her Idea Pins include tips on saving, reusing clothing, and minimizing food waste, among other topics.

Additionally, users searching for linked topics, such as “Ecological life” Y “sustainable living” will see a Pin that will take them to an article of the day until Earth Day, with curated boards and inspired content around sustainability.

In turn, the creators of Mi Buena Casita will give, through 10 chapters of the Creator Originals series, various recommendations on how to be more sustainable.



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