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Pierce Brosnan’s sweet 70s: the roles that marked his career from ‘Remington Steele’ to James Bond

Pierce Brosnan's sweet 70s: the roles that marked his career from 'Remington Steele' to James Bond

we all remember Pierce Brosnan like the legend who embodied James Bond… and it’s his birthday. The mythical actor turns 70, a round number that we could not ignore and a good day to remember his best roles on the big screen.

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The truth is that Brosnan’s beginnings began much earlier than we imagined. Before achieving fame as an actor, he made various cameos in the world of music as the singer of the Irish rock band The Nearlys, but this facet did not last long and he decided to definitively opt for the world of cinema.

Pierce Brosnan

James Bond, chronicle of an announced role

Going back to his performance as James Bond, they were four times that Brosnan got into the skin of the secret agent most popular on the face of the earth. These films in the saga were GoldenEye (1995), tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World Is Not Enough (1999) and die another day (2002).

But before trying his luck in this adventure and getting his role in the first film, Pierce Brosnan was presented with the opportunity to play this character in the 80s but due to his contract for the television series remington steelecould not accept it and had to wait a few years to get the final opportunity.

‘Black Adam’, his big bet on Marvel

But Brosnan’s multifaceted character pushes the envelope as an actor with films from all kinds of genres and multiple characters as different as they are peculiar. The roles that we cannot forget have been her interpretation in films like The fourth protocolit (1987), The tailor of Panama (2001), Mamma Mia! (2008) and Love is Strange (2014), among many others. This leads him to stand out not only in action, his genre par excellence, but also in comedies, dramas, and even musicals.

The actor who plays ex-agent 007 has also recently joined the Marvel family with ‘Black Adam‘, the action-fantasy movie from DC comics. In it, Bond embodies Doctor Fate becoming a superhero a few months after reaching the age of 70 with a tight fantastic suit.

The truth is that, throughout his career, Pierce Brosnan has left a mark of identity in the seventh art industry and continues to be recognized as one of the most admired and talented actors of his generation who has had countless successes.

Pierce Brosnan in 'Black Adam'
Pierce Brosnan in ‘Black Adam’

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