Photo backups in Samsung smartphones will be gone in a month

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Samsung smartphone users are currently being warned once again that they should definitely take care of the photos they have taken in the coming days. Because in a good month Photo backups in Samsung smartphones will expire.

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At the beginning of the year, the company announced that the previous option of storing a backup of the smartphone’s photo collection in the cloud would be abolished. Only less data-intensive information such as contacts and appointments can be saved here in the future. Samsung recommends that users who do not only want to save their photos on their current smartphone use Microsoft’s OneDrive offer.

Users who currently only have some of their photos on their current smartphone and who store older recordings from previous devices in the connected Samsung cloud should definitely take action. Because for German users, September 30th will finally be over. All images that have not yet been downloaded from the cloud service are then irretrievably lost due to the shutdown. The second group of users who are traveling in various other countries still has until November 30th.


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Samsung also advises that maybe you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to backups photos in Samsung smartphones. Because you have to reckon with the fact that many users only suddenly get the idea to do the same shortly before the deadline – and then it can happen that the performance drops. In the worst case, there will still be a lot of downloads in the queue for the shutdown date.

Most users should have noticed by now that they are getting a problem with the Samsung Cloud, as the company stopped the gallery synchronization at the beginning of the month. Why exactly the smartphone manufacturer is saying goodbye to Photo backups in Samsung is not entirely clear. It can be assumed, however, that the South Koreans are looking for ways to implement savings in order to be able to keep up with the tough competition from China in the future.

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