Philco HIT P8: the new cell phone that is perfect for your everyday life? | hands-on video

It’s time for us to check out the latest Philco news in the cell phone market. The HIT P8 cell phone is the brand’s launch with the focus on being the perfect device for your everyday life.

Do you want to know how it contributes to making your daily life easier and always being ready to attend to your tasks? We tell you in detail, here at TechMarkup.

Philco HIT P8 in everyday life

The Philco HIT P8 is there as soon as you wake up in the morning. To start the day with app warnings and incoming messages, take the device and quickly unlock it with facial recognition to check notifications.

The feature helps you to have greater security in the use of your smartphone, without losing the agility that everyday life requires. If you still want an extra option, it has the biometric reader on the back, to release the screen with just one touch and very quickly.

On the way to work, it’s time to listen to music and podcasts on your cell phone. And the good thing about the HIT P8 is that the headset is already included in the box, if you prefer or need to use it in an environment with more people.

In addition, it doesn’t bother or take up much space to keep it in your pocket for a long time, thanks to its thickness of only 9 millimeters and the weight that is no more than 185 grams. And if you are also that kind of clumsy person, who easily drops the device on the floor, the protective film and the anti-impact case that Philco sends in the packaging help a lot to avoid damage in these situations.

During the service, it is always good to have a device that is fast and ready to assist you when sending emails. With the A55 octa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM, you can fulfill everything you need in the best multitasking style.

And you can rest easy about app compatibility because Android 11 ensures you install the latest tools that are available.

You know that life motto that says to separate the personal from the professional? So it’s always a good idea to carry two phone lines with you, each for a different function. And there’s nothing like having a cell phone that supports putting both chips in so you don’t have to take another device, as is the case with this one from Philco.

Is it lunch time? It’s also a time to relax and take pictures with work friends. The HIT P8’s multi-cam system lets you capture life’s best moments in different ways.

The device delivers two cameras of 13 megapixels each, to give more options of captures, always in high resolution. Apart from the 5 megapixel front camera, which makes you perfect in selfies to post on social networks.

Back home, it’s time to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a good movie or series. And there’s nothing like having a cell phone with a big screen, to give more immersion to your experience

The display of this cell phone is 6 inches in size and gives you the viewing quality you need to enjoy a good time. Not to mention the drop-shaped notch reduces distractions and helps reduce edges around the panel.

At night, it gives you that peace of mind to update yourself on WhatsApp groups and calmly view the photos and videos sent to you throughout the day. And you can rest assured that the large storage is able to save all the files received, without having to worry about space.

There is both a 32GB and a 64GB model. But to be even more relaxed about the internal memory, both versions also have a microSD card slot of up to 512 GB. That is, you can store a lot of things without the risk of getting in your hand.

Speaking of not being stuck, on a busy day like this, there’s nothing like having your cell phone always on and ready for whatever you need. This is where the 3,000 mAh battery makes the difference and allows the smartphone not to be missing at any time. And the part is removable, meaning you can easily replace it if you ever need to.

Did you see how the Philco HIT P8 is the perfect cell phone for your day to day? It becomes your companion at all times, for whatever you need, always quickly and safely.

So, at what time of day do you need your smartphone the most? Answer us in the space below.


The Philco Hit P8 is available at Extra for BRL 551. To see the other 40 offers click here.

(Updated July 28, 2022 at 00:42)

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