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Phantom and CIA: Netflix movie is successful and has a star cast; meet!

Imagem de: Fantasma e CIA: filme da Netflix é sucesso e tem elenco estrelado; conheça!

Reaching the first position of Netflix’s top 10 most watched movies on the platform is no easy task, but Phantom and CIA (We Have a Ghost) achieved the feat. Since its release last Friday (February 24), the feature has been on the podium of the most popular streaming productions, catching the attention of viewers due to its light and fun narrative, as well as its star-studded cast. known to fans of movies and series.

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About 2 hours long, Ghost and CIA is directed by Christopher Landon (Death Congratulates You), who was also responsible for the screenplay alongside Geoff Manaugh. The main cast of the film brings names of great weight in the industry, such as Jahi Di’Allo Winston (Everything Sucks), David Harbor (Stranger Things), Anthony Mackie (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus), between others.

But what is it about Ghost and CIA, after all? What’s the story behind the new Netflix movie? It is worth checking? Below, we answer all these questions so that you can draw your own conclusions!

Ghost and the CIA: plot of the Netflix film

Ghost and CIA is based on the story Ernestby Geoff Manaugh, officially released in 2017, and features the following narrative, according to Netflix:

“In search of a fresh start in Chicago, the Presley family moves into a dusty house they soon realize has a problem: a ghost in the attic named Ernest (David Harbour). Jahi Winston), the music-obsessed young man soon finds a kindred spirit in this imprisoned ghost of the 70s and pledges to help him.

Meanwhile, Frank (Anthony Mackie), Kevin’s kind but stern father, tries to cash in on Ernest by turning him into a social media sensation. When Frank’s video of Ernest goes viral and grabs the world’s attention, the family falls under Dr. Leslie Monroe (Tig Notaro), a washed-up paranormal scientist who alerts her former boss, CIA Deputy Director Arnold (Steve Coulter), by restarting a clandestine program designed to capture a ghost.

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As mobs, reporters and government agents swarm the Presley home, it’s up to Kevin and his shrewd, outcast neighbor Joy (Isabella Russo) to free Ernest, unravel the mysteries of his past and bring him to the end he needs before it’s too late. too much”.

Ghost and the CIA is fun for the whole family and features a lighthearted, comedic narrative with a strong cast.Source: Netflix

Phantom and CIA: cast of the film

In addition to the stars already mentioned, such as Harbour, Mackie, Winston and Coolidge, Ghost and CIA also features the talents of Tig Notaro (At Your House or Mine?), Niles Fitch (This Is Us), Erica Ash (Scary Movie 5), Faith Ford (Operation babysitter), Steve Coulter (Armed Marriage), Sarah Durn (A Place Far From Here) and Tom Bower (The Light at the End of the World).

Ghost Reception and CIA

With only six days in the air, Ghost and CIA received mixed reviews thus far. Despite its strong cast, the production has (until the production of this article) a score of 6.2 on IMDb, which has 9,800 registered reviews as its pillar. On Rotten Tomatoes, the situation is similar, with the public assigning a 66% approval to the feature. However, critics seem to be more demanding and only 44% of them liked the Netflix project.

Remembering that the comedy and drama film is now available to all subscribers of the streaming giant. So, are you going to give the feature film a chance?

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