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‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ on Disney+: David Lowery manages to dispel the laziness that caused him to return to Neverland again

'Peter Pan and Wendy' on Disney+: David Lowery manages to dispel the laziness that caused him to return to Neverland again

The classics come back from time to time. The cinema returns to Neverlandthe magical place for children who do not want to grow up, a movement that, despite the exhaustion due to the insistence on the same thing, is curious because it is a new live action adaptation. Peter Pan and Wendy take over from Hook (Steven Spielberg, 1991), Peter Pan, the great adventure (PJ Hogan, 2003) and Bread. Journey to Neverland (Joe Wright, 2015) with the meaning that, unlike the cases cited, it is a film Disney.

Directed by David Lowerythe proposal arrives at Disney + with the attraction of seeing the incarnation of Jude Law as Captain Hook. It is based on both the JM Barrie novel and the 1953 animated work, which defined the imagery that springs from thinking about history.

‘Peter Pan and Wendy’: review


Jude Law, an interesting Captain Hook

Let’s tell the truth: successive returns to some imaginaries initially activate laziness. About Peter Pan and Wendy this sensation arose, although covered with curiosity to discover what David Lowery could do with the timeless classic. His presence was starting a foothold and a guarantee for the good memories he left with peter and the dragon. Except for surprise, he was going to offer a careful modulation. And the truth is that Lowery manages to soften the factor of returning to Neverland and the same as always. His movie for Disney + will not last in memory, although it is quite dignified and leaves interesting emotional details.

The story puts the narrative focus on Wendy’s mood and in his perspective to articulate a adventure that internal growth holds in the form of losing the fear of changing stages and growing up (he has to leave home to go to a boarding school), one of the discursive symbolisms of JM Barrie’s story and of the original Disney work in 1953, as is generally known to be articulated through Peter’s attitude Bread.

Of course, this reinvention also points out the issue from the icon’s feeling, but here Peter occupies a more secondary position, ranking third behind Captain Hookwith Law as a villain whose thirst for revenge underlies both rage and trauma of the long-awaited youth period installed in adult life. On this occasion, aspects such as his fixation on the noises made by clocks and his fear of the crocodile are reflected as winks and complementary descriptive aspects.

The most attractive component of adaptation lies in the treatment of Peter Pan and Hook as intimate enemies. they hold grudges for what happened in the past (the adult hates him and the young man loves to annoy him) and at the same time they are needed. Deep down what they want is to face each other again and again in Neverland. That look at the ‘reunion’ says it all.

Peter Pan and Wendy It convinces mainly by the nuances alluding to its substrate, also with meaning if one attends to what Peter Pan expresses that he feels and what he decides. That does not mean that, thinking of the family audience, it does not deliver in terms of magical adventure (which evokes the initial flight) and in the action sequences in which they fight with the pirates.

For the aspects of the classic from 70 years ago that have aged poorly (the channeled social ideas), checking the path that the film is going to take is another avenue of interest. Now Peter doesn’t want Wendy to play the mother of the Lost Boys.but just be friends. Yes, motherhood is mentioned, but as an emotional note by one of the little ones. Some Lost Boys among which there are also girls.

In addition, the magical power that Wendy acquires and her key role in the liberation they connect, from the viewer’s gaze, with the feminine affirmation of these times and are reflected in a completely natural way, as it should always be done.

‘Peter Pan and Wendy’: synopsis

On the night before Wendy leaves home to go to a boarding school, the young woman states that she does not want to grow up. This statement implies that Peter Panthe magical boy from children’s stories, appears at his house and invite Wendy and her brothersJohn and Michael, to live an adventure in Never again.

A surprising experience and accompanied by dangers due to the threat from pirates led by Captain Hookobsessed with destroying Peter Pan.

‘Peter Pan and Wendy’: release date and duration

The film has been released This Friday, April 28 on Disney+ without previously going through theaters. Has a duration of 103 minuteswhich is appreciated in these times of inflated footage.

‘Peter Pan and Wendy’: director

For the movie buff, David Lowery is associated with films such as the singular ghostly drama a ghost story and, more recently, to the green knightthe also particular medieval fantasy that was talked about so much on networks when it came to Prime Video.

A priori it may be shocking that a filmmaker like Lowery embarks on a Disney production. However, It should not be forgotten that in 2016 he signed peter and the dragonestimable real image version of the classic Peter and Elliot the Dragon (1977). The director, who became known with the intense and more than interesting In a lawless placeTherefore, it cultivates two creative aspects.

‘Peter Pan and Wendy’: cast

Jude Law he becomes a Captain Hook who again radiates presence. Unlike Dustin Hoffman and Jason Isaacs, two of his predecessors in the role (note, Hugh Jackman did not play Hook but Blackbeard), his characterization is more ‘realistic’.

Ever Anderson, the youthful version of Natasha in black widowgives life to Wendythe true protagonist of the film. alexander molonyin his first major job, plays the iconic Peter Pan.

Among the secondaries, Yara Shahidi plays Tinker Bell. The fact that one black actress make the sweet and jealous blonde fairy surely will activate the recurring (and tiresome) controversy around changes due to issues of inclusion and adaptation to social reality.

Alysa Wapanatahk, Native Americanrepresents the role of the princess ocelot. Among the Lost Boys, the small role of Noah Matthews Matofsky, a young man with Down syndrome with experience on the British scene, does not go unnoticed. As for the Darlings, the parents of Wendy, Michael and John, they have the faces of Alan Tudyk and Molly Parker.

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